Friday, 3 May 2013

Rooftop Prince: My Yoochun Awakening

Good things do come for those who wait... in my case, "for those who read". And I did read. Good thing I did.

I owe this kdrama watch for reading a post in DramaBeans: Thing Vs Things :Foursome 4eva. I usually just browse for DB's reviews, recaps (of dramas I'm interested) or recommendations. But again, I got one boring moment and I decided to read more of DB's posts. And stumbled into this one.

From the post, I found myself getting interested with the other two drama that I haven't watched yet: Rooftop Prince and Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I've heard of Rooftop Prince and it comes highly recommended but I kept myself from watching because I am not really a time-traveller fan, nor a periodic/historical drama follower. Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I've read it somewhere, but never thought of actually watching it. But given how this post categorizing foursomes in dramas which included BOF & YAB... I got really curious.

So I started with Rooftop Prince. It actually got me hooked. Even my three year-old was watching and laughing out like crazy. It's periodic in some slight way, drama in some dose, hilarity at it's best... and just a joy to watch.

My thing with with (Korean) KDrama, is that I watch it for the pure bliss of just enjoying the drama. No brainer, no rocket-science analysis going through my brain. I don't wanna contemplate on how the four from Joseon Period leaped to the 21st Century (Seoul). Doing that would require that little intelligence left in my sense to nit-pick the ending and expect a reasonable analysis of why the drama ended the way it did. Just too much brainwaves to use and too much effort to make. Not my idea of a past-time.

That's why I don't do reviews, I read them. I don't do serious blogging, this page is just like my electronic diary. And of course, because I started this tradition to blog every drama I watch, I am writing this right now.

Rooftop Prince should be watch with less brain works and just with pure hope for an escape. I love how the first episode confused me with two worlds in clashing alternate scenes, but how it actually not stayed on the Joseon era. Instead it leaped through the modern day without boring me, nor making me wanna skip the drama. Injecting the hilarious scenes right Epi 2 is such a tie that bound me to finish until the last episode. And it`s really worth it.

That twisting fact that surprised me on the last running episodes was refreshing, for it made me actually look forward for all of them coming back to Joseon. I was hoping Bo Young did not die... but part of me knows that the reincarnation-line was the real deal.

With the last episode, I psyched my brain out from analyzing. I just want to know how the writers will wrap it up. Will they follow the norm of happy-ever-after. Or  will they throw that last pigment of sense left in my imagination and will let the drama end as how I have it written in my drama-loaded-brain. (It was all a dream and Crown Prince and Sister-In-Law will end up together). So much for sense. LOL.

I know this post is nothing much to help anyone know more in deciding whether to watch Rooftop Prince or not... but one thing I am sure of.... I got seriously interested with Mickey Yoochun because of this drama. And because I watched SKK Scandal after this... I am telling you right now -- I don`t think Yoochun could ever disappoint me ever.

Just like my First Crush, Lost High-School Love (which I never had) -- will disappoint me, EVER!!!

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