Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Catalina Island: Discovering South California More

One week is not enough for Khloe and I to re-visit California, her birthplace. But not minding the quick tik-tak of time ... we squeezed in as much moment as we can to see family and friends. It was whirlwind.

But knowing that this might be the last possible visit that we can before Khloe will start school, and the next one might be always a quick week-end or long-weekends to go, I pleaded with hubby to do a trip to one of the places I've been wanting to check out - Catalina Island. So hubby took some days off, and long drive we went.

Catalina Island is in Avalon, California (Southern CA).  There's four different port to get a ferry that would transport visitors to/fro the island. But we picked the Long Island Downtown Landing. As this experience is all new to all of us, it was another hit & miss. I booked us a ferry ride for 2pm, so we left Mountain View at almost 4am. I always prefer to start the long drive very early in the morning, but I did let hubby took some good sleep before his long drive. He took Highway 5, by 8:30am we were almost in L.A. But since we have ample of time for our 2pm ferry schedule, we decided to bring my friend, Cher, to the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles.

 I always love to bring family & friends here at this beautiful spot. Either the drive up or the hike in Mt. Lee is an experience to remember. Going to Universal Studio and take a photo of this tourist spot from there is totally different from experiencing this scenic spot itself. First, finding the exact location is finding the EXCAT location. Hubby has driven it four times already and still won't get it right if the GPS screws up. I am hoping by now... he'll remember the right left turn the next time. If you miss it, you'll end up in a dead end and far away from the sign. Secondly, the view from the top is amazing. I always get awesome photos of Khloe just amazed and enjoying the scene. Her smile not only adds to the beauty, but it complements that scenic feel of freedom and worldly peace. Lastly, feeling that Hollywood vibe is not down there on Hollywood Boulevard where the Hollywood stars are. It is where the sign is. Reaching the top is like reaching stardom. It's a fleeting experience.

But we can't stay up there forever. So we decided to head off to Long Beach and wait for the ferry.

We were so hungry despite having eaten breakfast along the way.. and snacks here and there. We thought we can eat while waiting, but the cafeteria doesn't allow outside food, and pizza or sandwiches is not enough to appease our hunger. So we decided to eat on the ferry as it is an hour ride. Instead, we took photos:

So off we ride the ferry at 2pm. We brought our own food and necessary picnic stuffs. The ferry has window seats with a table that is good enough for us to feel like we're just in a picnic inside.
We enjoyed our lunch because of this set-up and Khloe was able to kill the time with colouring and bothering all of us to color with her.

An hour is not much of a wait. We were so excited to reach Catalina Island, especially because this experience is all new to us.

As I grew up in Guimaras Island, Philippines all my young life... Catalina Island is like coming home, or visiting home. I wanna feel that island breeze... those islander moments once again. I was really looking forward on this adventure.

And not disappointing us... we were greeted with this beauty...

Okay, so it's not my little Guimaras Island. It is the Catalina Island of California. If Guimaras is as grand as Catalina.. Boracay is yesterday.

We can't explore the island....  because we got there a bit late of the day already.... we can't really do much. But here's just a few of what we got.

The view from the port/pier
Walking distance from one end to the other...
Another view from the pier

Overlooking the Casino

A farther look from the port

A keepsake of the building structures

And to check out the island... and go to upper part.. we rented a gold cart (most recommended mode of transportation) . Most of the snaps here were taken en route the mapped directions.. which not much of a help coz we got lost like 3 times.

Rental Golf C


View from the Top

The Casino View

                                          The Bay View

As always.... a night... is not enough. But I am hoping one day, we could go back again....

And... say bye... for now....

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