Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Jung Il-Woo

Jung Il-Woo/Jeong Il-Woo = K-Obsession

I've never been this entranced unto someone as I am to him. I watched him smile, and I am baited, hooked, line and sinker. It is but as if that magnetic pull drawn me like a wizard's spell... and I became forever at his merciful gaze.

I was watching Moon Embracing the Sun, and I am suppose to be totally all over the lead. Then he came unto my screen, as the prince. And just like that, my heart stolen, my will is at his command.

I followed that initial madness with Flower Boy Ramen Shop, and his kissing scene just floored me. I've never been so psychologically screwed up as much as  that time I am watching him kissing someone else. If Sigmund Freud would be whispering on my ears, he'll be telling me  Jung Il-Woo is that karma-tic stimulus that is awakening my repressed-teen-aged rebellious love life.

And because I am still not on that realization that this beautifully-crafted enigma of a guy is torturing my ahjumma heart, I started watching 49 days. Again, for even being just a second lead, he moved me into tears during his so-perfect sad scenes. It's but as if anything he does on drama could just melt my freakin'-frigid-frozen-drama-heart.

So when I am finally on acceptance that I do not have a heart to spare to anyone but him, I surrendered to Return of Iljimae. He is pure perfection, sexily kicked-ass, and simply just beautiful to watch.

And because I can not just have enough of him, I torture myself to his week-end drama on air right now, Golden Rainbow. If in any case my husband, my daughter, my family will disown me, I am leaving this specific blogpost as a testament that my psychological imbalance is well-documented.

To end this sad testimony, I promise myself, that I will forever love you. If in any case my hubby will not divorce me, citing my psychological issues as a cause, then you will always have my daughter's heart, whom at four years old, calls you "WooWoo".

As proof of my obsession, I took out my daughter's photo and used yours as my desktop bg.

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