Saturday, 14 July 2012

Getting Filipino TV Shows in Niagara Region of Ontario (Canada)

Moving to our new place means a lot of stuffs to organize and to set up. Considering both my Mother & Khloe's interest is always at the top of my list. The first two days was painful, with Khloe screaming for her "Treehouse" channel after getting bored with her DVD movies. Inside her little brain, she cannot grasp why the same TV is not showing her same favourite show. On the third day... I gave up on my struggle and contacted a provider. I have no choice... I have to settle for what I can have.

What happened was that, days prior to the move, I tried to get RogersTV for my cable provider. RogersTv has TFC (ABS-CBN) Channel subscription. I know my Mother would appreciate it much if I get her a TFC on tv. Unfortunately, after filling up online application and getting a confirmation for a technician to come over, I was not able to complete my online check-out. I tried to contact their customer service and I found out, we have no RogersTV signal in out area. My only option is Cogeco, Bell or Shaw TV(StarChoice).

I tried to work-out the reason why RogersTV didn't work out. I was really excited. So I googled and surfed online as to how or why I can't get a TFC in my area. Until I found out that RogersTv is not availble in our region. Period. The only way I can get TFC is if get the box and pay monthly extra subscription for the Filipino Channels. I rested my case. So I was left with only one choice...

Get BellTV because they have GMA-PinoyTv & FilTv.

When I had everything at the place installed last tuesday and contacted Bell to add the Filipino channels, I was pleased to know that I was actually speaking to a call center agent located in Quezon City. It's comforting to learn from him that Bell is actually considering adding TFC to their channel line-ups. Maybe because of the influx of Filipino immigrants in the Niagara Region who are requesting for TFC. Right now, most Filipinos I know are either subscribed to Cogeco or having their own box.

For now... Mother is trying  to learn GMA-PinoyTv. She has no choice. I let her watch her TFC teleserye from online, connecting my laptop to the small TV we had in the room. The news from 24oras, SAKSI & the likes is a good source of information for her. Atleast, that keeps her updated with what's going on in Philippines right now.

However, when John LLoyd & Bea's teleserye, A Beautiful Affair, will start airing in TFC, I have no choice but to get the box. I think, it's gonna be worth my while and would keep Mother happy.

For now... we just have to enjoy GMA-PinoyTv. I like their news anyways.

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