Thursday, 26 July 2012

Venice International Film Festival, Philippines Entry

I couldn`t be more prouder to say that I am a Filipino,especially with this news I just stumbled as I browse the net.

Philippines, yes, my beloved Philippines has an entry to the Main Category for the Venice International Film Festival and this is the film by Brilliante Mendoza entitled `Sinapupunan` (Thy Womb). In this film is our very own Superstar, Nora Aunor, who just came back in the entertainment scene months ago after years of hiatus in the U.S.  This film feature Sama (Bajau) in Tawi-tawi, Philippines.

A lot has been said and not said about this southern part of Philippines (Mindanao), but I had this chance to watch an interview with Nora Aunor about her experience filming in Tawi-tawi at one time. Her connection to the place was very moving and just watching how sentimental she was of Tawi-tawi and the life our fellow Filipino lives there, I felt like I wanna go there myself and see it for myself that that part of Mindanao is not as dangerous as they famed it to be.

But thank goodness to a film like this, we would be able to take a glimpse of their life, of the place and of how lucky we are to have such a culture that we can be proud of.

Support and be Proud!!!

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