Thursday, 7 June 2012

Addicted to KDrama: You're BeautifuL/He's Beautiful

I was not really into (Koren)KDrama.
I wen't home to Philippines last year, 2011, and I stumbled unto this Filipino-dubbed Kdrama, Marry Me Mary (aka Mary Stayed Out All Night) on tv. It was not even the drama itself that got my attention. It was the OST (Soundtrack) - My Precious  that got stuck into my head. Sang by the lead of the drama, Jang Keun Suk, despite it being Korean, I did found myself humming it here and there ... and sang the line "my precious.... ". Very weird!

Coming back home to California, I checked out TFC guide if by any chance they will show the drama. Silly me, of course, it's not. I ended up googling it and again, found myself watching the last few epi in youtube.

Then an FB friend highly recommended that I watch "You're Beautiful/He's Beautiful", another KDrama starred by JKS as well. 

I gave it a shot. And despite my hesitation, YAB kept me glued to my computer. 
I've heard of Boys Over Flower (BOF). Heard of the hoopla around it. Saw the parodies. But didn't really got into watching the drama.

When I started YAB with it's first epi, I got hooked. The first epi itself is a blast. 

GoMiNam/Min Nyu
The character of Min Nyu/Go Min Nam as a nun and up to the point when she has to disguise herself as her twin brother was very    well portrayed. I liked her clumsiness, her naivete, her spontaneity, and the fact that she act stupid and dumb even if you'll end up hating her for it. The stuffs she did, you can actually relate. She is so misguided for coming out of the convent and play her twin-brother that she ended up being so dumb. Oh, how funny to read the haters comment about how they hate her character. How helpless she is. How clueless. Seriously, why would she act otherwise? She's suppose to become a nun. Do you really expect a nun-in-training to act the wiser??? You expect her to act the groupie? Or worldly? She is suppose to go to Rome. With that alone -- you have to stop expecting.

The leader of the band. Uptight. Boiled up with emotions you can't even dig. Suppose to be all-knowing. Suppose to be an All-That. And yah...he is all-that. And more. I would say, HTK was made for JKS, and JKS perfected HTK. The way he adapt to the role... is beyond words. How can you act uptight and make your viewers cry watching the conflicted emotions in your face, as well as act out a very serious scene then end it with a hilarious bang? Really, I could list all these memorable scenes in my sleep and make me rewatch the entire series again just for a good laugh. Above all, TaeKyung and OCD (Obsessive, Compulsive Disease) is a perfect fit for a clumsy, clueless GMN. The love they eventually feel for each other was perfectly cooked up for the viewers. I know a lot would prefer Shinwoo to end up with MiNam... but seriously, TaeKyung deserves some lovin', too. After all, he is suppose to be all-that. LOL.

Shinwoo & Jeremy
I am never fan of K-Pop, but after getting addicted to this drama, I end up gooling for CN Blue(Shinwoo, Jong Hwa) & FT Island (Jeremy, Lee Hongki). Who would not love them? Jeremy is adorable, you just wanna squeeze him, kiss him and adopt him. His dog, Angelina Jolie, is even a hit. When he cried on the bus, confessing his feelings for MiNam, he stole my heart. And adorable as he is, you will love him more for giving it up for TaeKyung. Why can`t he just love me, right. 
As for Shinwoo, what can I say, I want him up - buttercup. A bestfriend for life, who fell in love with you, is what all girls dreamed of. Unfortunately, he went for the friend-kill, as oppose to being upfront right from the start. He lose his chance when he decided to procrastinate in being honest with his feelings. So many chances, what a waste! But a drama needs a drama.. or else nobody gonna be hating the lead characters for choosing their choices.

Why I love this drama.... 

  • Well, the hilarious scenes are to die for. Will give you a perfect reason to replay the episodes again and again.
  • That feeling of loving someone whom you thought would not like the idea of loving them. High School.    First relationships. Crushes. Dream guy. You can surely relate.
  • Hating the lead guy for always getting the girl. And rooting for the second guy because you know he will never get the girl. Very ordinary, but seriously, 3 guys of wonderful character -- who would you choose.
  • The drama -- the pain. The conflicted emotions that could tear you to pieces. You keep on screaming, `Make out already`. Or ``What the eff`!!! Did she just do that!!!!!!``. Or ``I wanna kill the Mom, or drug her! Or Poison her!!`. You will even hate the second lead girl whom you will scream at with words like ``Get a life!!!``, ``I wanna Kill You!!!, `Fake Fairy Dieee!!!!``
  • Seeing TaeKyung was chased by a pig -- is epic. Never see that one coming!!!
  • The OSTs -- Without Words (by Park Shin Yee & Jang Keun Suk), Always (Hongki and AnJell`s version), Goodbye (JKS)... and What Should I Do (JKS)
  • And of course, I wanna get one of those PigRabbit!!!!
Thank goodness for sites like Viki.Com, I can always watch this drama again, and again, and again!!!

Note: Last year, 2011, a Japanese version of this drama was released in Japan, titled - Ikemen Desu Ne. I watch half of the series. I still liked my YAB. 

Season 2, anyone....

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