Monday, 11 June 2012

My KDrama Bucketlist!!!

I got addicted to Korean Drama!
That I admit... and will never deny it.
As oppose to watching American soap operas like Days of Our Lives or Bold & Beautiful,
or Filipino teleseryes....
I opted to lose myself with the realms of Korean dramas, not dubbed in any language, but subbed in English.
I tried watching Tagalog-dubbed KDramas but it left me uninterested.

Most of Kdramas are with predictable storylines.
But one thing I admire more about their drama is it's wholesomeness.
It could even be somewhat monotonous but never offensive.
I love how they make their drama's very acceptable to even let my 2y.o. watch it.

Herewith are the lists of the Drama I watched, my top favourites, and the one in my Bucketlist.

Top 3 Favourite

1. You're Beautiful

2. Secret Garden

3. Winter Sonata

Which Star Are You From (My first Kdrama, watched in Philippines)
Mary stayed out all night/Marry Me Mary
You're Beautiful/He's Beautiful
Winter Sonata
Boys Over Flowers
Secret Garden
Shining Inheritance
My Girl
Love Rain
Playfull Kiss
Goong/Princess Hours
Full House
Coffee Prince
Personal Taste
City Hall
Dream High
Hong Gil Dong
To The Beautiful You
Lie To Me
City Hunter
Best Love/Greatest Love
Sungkungkwan Scandal
Rooftop Prince
I Miss You
School of 2013
I Hear Your Voice
Lovers In Prague
Beethoven Virus
Master's Sun
Beautiful Man/Pretty Man/Bel Ami
Moon Embracing The Sun
Flower Boy Ramen Shop

Bucket List
My Name is Kim-Kam-Soon
Hana-Kimi (Japanese JDorama)
My Name is Kim Sam Soon

Unfinished Business List
My Fair Lady
My Princess
Flower Boy Next Door
Proctect The Boss
Answer Me 1997
Mirae's Choice/Marry Him If You Dare

Not in any order... but I'm hoping to find time to cross-out the dramas in my bucket list soon.
One day... i know.. i'll have the time in my hands to actually enjoy another Kdrama.

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