Monday, 18 June 2012

My Gap for Toddler Addiction

Shopping is an addiction. Period.

But if you have a little princess... a baby princess, a toddler princess or a tweeny princess...
Shopping is beyond addiction. Sometimes it becomes a vocation.

However, personally, I made rules to curtail my shopping spree to becoming an addiction.

Rule No. 1 - Never hesitate to shop around. (That's why retail stores offer price-match.)
Rule No. 2 - Shop only to what suits your lifestyle. (Seriously, you don't need a Louis Vuitton purse to babysit or a Burberry umbrella to sit the dog)
Rule No. 3 - Wait for Sale Event. (That's why they got special sales event...and 4-words for you --- ---)
Rule No. 4 - Bring those coupons. (It helps save you a LOT of bucks)
Rule No. 5 - "Sale" is the new word for smart shopping. (Really, who won't care for extra savings?)

I know what you're thinking. I'm too cheap!!!
Gurl... read my lips ---I am just using my brains. At least for some moment in my life, I am using it in one of my passion - shopping.

I am not picky with brands. I always believe in spending wisely, especially not buying stuffs because of brand names. Never been my style. Never been reasonable for me. Maybe, unless I am super rich with enough cash to spend for stuffs I don't need but would like to buy. That is luxury at it's best and boy, I have enough family out there who would need more than one brand name stuffs I could purchase.

For my little princess.... I am most addicted to shop.

With hubby's consent, spending for her is sometimes, beyond my reason and rules.
How can i resist?
But resist I must... and reason I have to.

But that doesn't stop me from styling her from head to toe.

As a baby, Carters and H & M were my favourites.
As a toddler princess, GAP has been my most frequented stores.

As much as I try to avoid the new arrival rack... my heart can't help but skip a beat. They just have awesome colors that could enhance you little one's personality.
Of course, as always, I would go straight to the sale rack. And for whatever reason, I always end up buying something.

Here's few of the stuffs Khloe had shone with this outfits...

My heart says.... buy her more.
My brain says.... no matter what brand is... it's about style.

I am so glad.... at some point... I do have a sense of style. 



A Memorable Father's Day

I've been looking forward to the day when we can get-away from the chaos of work & daily routine.

A cabin was booked, and with hubby arriving from California safely, everything fell into plan. We got ready and packed for the week-end retreat.

As I wrote on my older post about our Father's Day Plan, the day arrived and (as always) starts with the last minute packing and errands. My other sister, Cherry, picked us up at 12pm. Almost right on the dot with check-in time. So much for the idea of perusing the facility earlier. Rose and her family check-in on their own cabin way ahead of us. Of course, they were able to enjoy the facility already. The set-up was crazy, but really fun. To detail it...

I got these deals from Groupon. $20 for a $100 worth of cabin.
I was allowed to purchase one for myself and get 2 extra as a gift.
As soon as I purchased mine, I posted on Facebook about it and my sister, Clarisa, asked me to get her one. Then her friend, Rose, asked me to get her one, as well. So there goes my allowed purchase for this Bissell deal.
With hubby coming for a visit, I called Bissell and booked us for Father's Day. My sister opted to come with us the same date, and so did Rose.

I know you'll be asking what the $20 Cabin look like....
It's the basic Rustic Cabin, worth $100 for weekdays and $125 for week-ends!
Comes with a double bed and a bunk bed, a 2 adult & 2 kids pass for the facility.

This is what I said about going Camping without roughing it. If you wanna be comfortable and avoid the inconvenience of rain or back pains from sleeping with your sleeping bag, this is a very good option.

I opted to upgrade my deal to a bigger cabin, the Deluxe Cabin. And it was like this...

with this interior...
It has a room with queen size bed, a bunk bed, a living room with pull out sofa, and a kitchenette with a dining table. Accommodates 6 adults or a family of four. The deck comes with our own grill, and we have a huge patio that comes with a pit and patio chairs. (Firewood has to be purchased from within the facility, no outside firewood allowed). And the reason why I upgraded to this because of my great consideration for Mother, whom I know would need the washroom all the time. Of course, the cabin is equipped with our own shower, bathtub and toilet. The bonus round, it's fully airconditioned, with a satellite and dvd for TV viewing.

Every dollar was worth spending. 

Everybody enjoyed that little camping we did. All the cooking and the eating was prepared and shared with in our cabin. The kids, when not perusing the facility would stay inside and watch tv. Most of the time, the grown ups were on our deck either cooking, eating or chatting. There were too much food, and too much talk. My sister, Cherry, brought their dog, Iris, with us. Khloe had so much fun dog-sitting Iris, as Rose' kids did their best to stay out of Iris' reach.

Before the darkness fall, we stayed at the patio for some games. 



Of course.. we did not forget to start a fire.....

...and roast hotdogs

....and marshmallows and smores

Then.. everybody got so tired and sleepy...
and nobody remembered about star-gazing... and bear-hunting???

The next day...

We prepared breakfast for the Dads....

                                    And watch them enjoy their Father's Day breakfast...

Then... we heed out to end our adventure...
with these little ones enjoying their last dip for this trip...

This photo alone is all worth anything.
Priceless Toddler Joy!!!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Long Drive: Another Way of Family Bonding

I'll define Long Drive as a long driving trip with the use of an automobile as oppose to other travel means.

My ever first long drive as a teenager was a five hour drive to an out-of-town company study for school. It was from Iloilo to Aklan (Philippines). It was a heck of a ride. Very long.

When I got here in Canada, my first long drive trip was on my first summer, when my sister & her family brought me to Wasaga Beach (Barrie, Ontario). It was a three hour drive. The scenery was of course all new to me. The beach was breathtaking.

My next (very) long drive was the trip to Orlando, Florida with the family I was working with. It was a 22 hour drive. We stopped half way in South Carolina to rest for the night. We stayed in Florida for 9 days. It was an amazing experience. Not only because I enjoyed myself at Universal Studio, Islands of Adventure, Wet 'N Wild, and Sea World; but more than that, I find it really adventuresome. All these new places, these States we passed by... and my patience to actually stay that long in a car. Maybe because I was never the driver, that I am able to appreciate the beauty of long drive through this one specific trip.

 After this Florida drive -- I found myself immune to the qualms of long drive. I could go anytime, many times.. often times to and fro North Bay (5-6hour drive). Flying to places becomes very ordinary.

Marrying my hubby was a match made. Not only was he a good driver, but he has the patience and the determination to go and last for a long drive. This complimented well with my love to adventure and my newly acquired taste for long trips.

Our first long drive as a couple was our trip to Los Angeles from the Bay (San Francisco) Area. It is a 6.5 hour drive. My bestfriend was there to help him out and keep us company, but it was a wonderful trip. After that, we did trips to other places, either with friends or family. And hubby was always there to tour everyone.  

Family bonding to Santa Rosa (2 hours), Capitola (an hour away), Boardwalk - Sta. Cruz (an hour away); or even to South Lake Tahoe (3hours) became beautiful family memories. We even did a family trip to San Diego (8 hours), and visited Disneyland & Legoland on our trip back to the Bay.

 The longest drive was the trip to Las Vegas (10hour drive). I was not with them (flew with Mother as she can't do long drives because of her medications). But one thing I am sure of, I commend my hubby for all of these. I am so lucky that I found such a perfect mate who enjoys the stuffs I enjoy. Even when we had Khloe, that did not hinder us from going. Right from the start, we trained her to be a well-traveled baby. We never had problems with her when it comes to long trips, long flights and above all, long drives. She was there when they drove all the way back from Las Vegas. Yes, it was a 10 hour drive and she behaved like how Khloe is suppose to behave -- well traveled.

I guess, what I am trying to say is.... long drive is a wonderful family adventure.

With a dependable car, adventuresome company.... and the mood to go --- long drive could give you beautiful memories.

I am proud of our little family because we are able to travel to places without the concern for luxury. We can camp, we can bunk to my sister's place, or stay in an inn or hotel. Meager or luxurious accommodation is never an issue. One thing I know.... the three of us can live with anything. And trips like this are momentous and memorable.

Hopefully, sometime this summer, we can go for another one. If not... I know we would be able to once we got all settled and together in one home.

Then, we can start planning for a new adventure.

Baby Talk: Little Girls Are Made Of

A client at work came in with her seven month old little girl
and my heart flipped-flopped .

The little girl smiled at me....
not only once... but so many times...
it made my brain scream....
"I want one of them, munchkins--- again.... !!!"

Her name is Zoe.
Hella reminded me of Khloe...
Khloe at seven months old, too.
Those chunky legs..
Those sweet, pretty smiles...

I so miss Khloe at seven months :((

At seven months...
They try to digest what you teach them...
They don't make their own choices yet.
They are the cutie babies you adore and love to cuddle.

As compare to the almost-3year old Khloe I have right now.

A mind of her own.
Tries to trick me in every way.
Even find ways to make me think twice.

Seriously... how could they grow up so fast..
and thinks they can out-smart and out-wit you?

She's not even 3 yet.

When she was seven months old, I can dress her up like a princess in this way..

Now at 2 years old, she picks her own princess dress and style herself this way...

Every time I see a baby..
I wanna have another one..
I kind of miss the younger moments.

But thinking how fast they grow up..
Of how advance they could out-smart and outwit you,
I try to re-assess my thoughts..
And come up with a decision.

I'll hopefully have just one of her. 
She's enough to keep my brain working overtime.

Monday, 11 June 2012

My KDrama Bucketlist!!!

I got addicted to Korean Drama!
That I admit... and will never deny it.
As oppose to watching American soap operas like Days of Our Lives or Bold & Beautiful,
or Filipino teleseryes....
I opted to lose myself with the realms of Korean dramas, not dubbed in any language, but subbed in English.
I tried watching Tagalog-dubbed KDramas but it left me uninterested.

Most of Kdramas are with predictable storylines.
But one thing I admire more about their drama is it's wholesomeness.
It could even be somewhat monotonous but never offensive.
I love how they make their drama's very acceptable to even let my 2y.o. watch it.

Herewith are the lists of the Drama I watched, my top favourites, and the one in my Bucketlist.

Top 3 Favourite

1. You're Beautiful

2. Secret Garden

3. Winter Sonata

Which Star Are You From (My first Kdrama, watched in Philippines)
Mary stayed out all night/Marry Me Mary
You're Beautiful/He's Beautiful
Winter Sonata
Boys Over Flowers
Secret Garden
Shining Inheritance
My Girl
Love Rain
Playfull Kiss
Goong/Princess Hours
Full House
Coffee Prince
Personal Taste
City Hall
Dream High
Hong Gil Dong
To The Beautiful You
Lie To Me
City Hunter
Best Love/Greatest Love
Sungkungkwan Scandal
Rooftop Prince
I Miss You
School of 2013
I Hear Your Voice
Lovers In Prague
Beethoven Virus
Master's Sun
Beautiful Man/Pretty Man/Bel Ami
Moon Embracing The Sun
Flower Boy Ramen Shop

Bucket List
My Name is Kim-Kam-Soon
Hana-Kimi (Japanese JDorama)
My Name is Kim Sam Soon

Unfinished Business List
My Fair Lady
My Princess
Flower Boy Next Door
Proctect The Boss
Answer Me 1997
Mirae's Choice/Marry Him If You Dare

Not in any order... but I'm hoping to find time to cross-out the dramas in my bucket list soon.
One day... i know.. i'll have the time in my hands to actually enjoy another Kdrama.

Sources online:

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Family Bonding Moment

One of those reason why I moved back here Canada is to be together with my family.

 Hubby's family is so close knit, I'm always so jealous of how well everybody gather together in any event, big or small. May that be a wedding, baptism, Christmas, birthday, or even just a backyard bar-b-q. Everytime I come to one, I would think of my family both here in Canada and the Philippines.

Bringing Khloe with me back here in Canada is such a joy for my family, especially the kids. Khloe is the youngest they have, and the three of them just love and adore her. Khloe could ask me of either Chelsea, Ethan or Cassey every morning she wakes up.

 In a beautiful, sunny, HOT Sunday like today... soaking up at my sister's pool is the first thing that is up on the agenda. Khloe has been asking me to go to Cassey's house non-stop since Friday. As much as she always end-up running away chased by Iris, Cassey's dog, she still would ask every single day about going to 'Cass house'. Their bonding time is always precious.. indoor or outdoor. The way they play with her, or even just take care of her in their own teen-way is so beautiful to watch.

Family bonding is very precious to me. Despite being far away from hubby, I always make sure our little get together moments are full of memories. Khloe is never unfamiliar with her dad no matter how long they don't see each other. Our Texas and Disney get-away are memories we can keep together in our hearts until the three of us could be together again.

Today, I saw how happy Khloe is. She doesn't lack any love. She knows we all love her. I love the fact that her family from both sides of parents are close-knits. I know, she will grow up appreciating how important family is.

Hence, bonding time is very important.

Time flies so fast..... that every second counts.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Who is more Canadian? Justin Bieber vs Carly Rae

Say Pop Music and Justin Bieber is one of the first that comes to mind. Of course there's that Bieber-fever!!
Now... every teens wanna make their own "Call me, maybe!" video, thanks to Carly Rae. Even Miss USA 2012 made their own video, with Trump on it.

But Canadians, are not only aware of these two pop icons because of their Pop Hits. Canadians around love them because they represents Canadian Pop Optimists. Bottomline -- they both are Canadian, and are hella proud of it.

Here's a video of a quiz given to both of them, of how Canadian they are.

Pick your bet!!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Cheeky Monkeys Indoor Playland: Khloe`s Lala-land!

Moving back here in Ontario (Canada) and raising a toddler by myself, I have to come up with activities that would prove to my husband, I am taking good care of his daughter. One thing that matters most to him is Khloe   growing up happy and loved. We`re hoping that it could help her fill the gaps of time that her dad is not with us. Hopefully she won`t find our love lacking. 

Last Wintertime, Cheeky Monkeys Indoor Playland, proved to be a favorite for Khloe. Once a week, I would try to find a way to bring her there for a good play. At 28 months old, Khloe was at first hesitant to climb up tunnels and obstacles and slides. I remember she would call me to help her navigate the climbs. After a couple of month, I am able to start enjoying my lazy sit on one of the couches, as she plays with other kids that drops in for a play. At lucky days, you can even connect with their wifi. This spring, I would bring my laptop and surf the web (if wifi permits) as she plays around. Knowing that she is safe around is such a comfort for a Mom like me, who would like to simply enjoy that quiet time, or the chat with the other Moms. 

If my niece, Chelsea, & nephew, Ethan, would come with us... they would enjoy the pizza and slushies that are available for orders. Khloe & Ethan would end up with blue or red tongue when done with their drinks and foods.

Khloe adores Cheeky Monkeys. However this summer, I would like to introduce her to an outdoor activity. When her dads come for a visit next week, we`re hoping to get some beach time where she can play on the sand... and enjoy the water.

From time to time... I would still bring her to Cheeky Monkey because a toddler her age -- never forgets their first love. Right now, it`s Cheeky Monkey.

Enough Said!!

Addicted to KDrama: You're BeautifuL/He's Beautiful

I was not really into (Koren)KDrama.
I wen't home to Philippines last year, 2011, and I stumbled unto this Filipino-dubbed Kdrama, Marry Me Mary (aka Mary Stayed Out All Night) on tv. It was not even the drama itself that got my attention. It was the OST (Soundtrack) - My Precious  that got stuck into my head. Sang by the lead of the drama, Jang Keun Suk, despite it being Korean, I did found myself humming it here and there ... and sang the line "my precious.... ". Very weird!

Coming back home to California, I checked out TFC guide if by any chance they will show the drama. Silly me, of course, it's not. I ended up googling it and again, found myself watching the last few epi in youtube.

Then an FB friend highly recommended that I watch "You're Beautiful/He's Beautiful", another KDrama starred by JKS as well. 

I gave it a shot. And despite my hesitation, YAB kept me glued to my computer. 
I've heard of Boys Over Flower (BOF). Heard of the hoopla around it. Saw the parodies. But didn't really got into watching the drama.

When I started YAB with it's first epi, I got hooked. The first epi itself is a blast. 

GoMiNam/Min Nyu
The character of Min Nyu/Go Min Nam as a nun and up to the point when she has to disguise herself as her twin brother was very    well portrayed. I liked her clumsiness, her naivete, her spontaneity, and the fact that she act stupid and dumb even if you'll end up hating her for it. The stuffs she did, you can actually relate. She is so misguided for coming out of the convent and play her twin-brother that she ended up being so dumb. Oh, how funny to read the haters comment about how they hate her character. How helpless she is. How clueless. Seriously, why would she act otherwise? She's suppose to become a nun. Do you really expect a nun-in-training to act the wiser??? You expect her to act the groupie? Or worldly? She is suppose to go to Rome. With that alone -- you have to stop expecting.

The leader of the band. Uptight. Boiled up with emotions you can't even dig. Suppose to be all-knowing. Suppose to be an All-That. And yah...he is all-that. And more. I would say, HTK was made for JKS, and JKS perfected HTK. The way he adapt to the role... is beyond words. How can you act uptight and make your viewers cry watching the conflicted emotions in your face, as well as act out a very serious scene then end it with a hilarious bang? Really, I could list all these memorable scenes in my sleep and make me rewatch the entire series again just for a good laugh. Above all, TaeKyung and OCD (Obsessive, Compulsive Disease) is a perfect fit for a clumsy, clueless GMN. The love they eventually feel for each other was perfectly cooked up for the viewers. I know a lot would prefer Shinwoo to end up with MiNam... but seriously, TaeKyung deserves some lovin', too. After all, he is suppose to be all-that. LOL.

Shinwoo & Jeremy
I am never fan of K-Pop, but after getting addicted to this drama, I end up gooling for CN Blue(Shinwoo, Jong Hwa) & FT Island (Jeremy, Lee Hongki). Who would not love them? Jeremy is adorable, you just wanna squeeze him, kiss him and adopt him. His dog, Angelina Jolie, is even a hit. When he cried on the bus, confessing his feelings for MiNam, he stole my heart. And adorable as he is, you will love him more for giving it up for TaeKyung. Why can`t he just love me, right. 
As for Shinwoo, what can I say, I want him up - buttercup. A bestfriend for life, who fell in love with you, is what all girls dreamed of. Unfortunately, he went for the friend-kill, as oppose to being upfront right from the start. He lose his chance when he decided to procrastinate in being honest with his feelings. So many chances, what a waste! But a drama needs a drama.. or else nobody gonna be hating the lead characters for choosing their choices.

Why I love this drama.... 

  • Well, the hilarious scenes are to die for. Will give you a perfect reason to replay the episodes again and again.
  • That feeling of loving someone whom you thought would not like the idea of loving them. High School.    First relationships. Crushes. Dream guy. You can surely relate.
  • Hating the lead guy for always getting the girl. And rooting for the second guy because you know he will never get the girl. Very ordinary, but seriously, 3 guys of wonderful character -- who would you choose.
  • The drama -- the pain. The conflicted emotions that could tear you to pieces. You keep on screaming, `Make out already`. Or ``What the eff`!!! Did she just do that!!!!!!``. Or ``I wanna kill the Mom, or drug her! Or Poison her!!`. You will even hate the second lead girl whom you will scream at with words like ``Get a life!!!``, ``I wanna Kill You!!!, `Fake Fairy Dieee!!!!``
  • Seeing TaeKyung was chased by a pig -- is epic. Never see that one coming!!!
  • The OSTs -- Without Words (by Park Shin Yee & Jang Keun Suk), Always (Hongki and AnJell`s version), Goodbye (JKS)... and What Should I Do (JKS)
  • And of course, I wanna get one of those PigRabbit!!!!
Thank goodness for sites like Viki.Com, I can always watch this drama again, and again, and again!!!

Note: Last year, 2011, a Japanese version of this drama was released in Japan, titled - Ikemen Desu Ne. I watch half of the series. I still liked my YAB. 

Season 2, anyone....

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Camping: To Rough or Not To Rough It Up!

Going camping the next week-end.
In a Bissell Hideaway Cabin.
Not really roughing it up, but hopefully it's gonna be an experience to remember.

The last time we went camping, Khloe was 9 months old.
It was in a very nice area at McConell State Park in Merced, California

Khloe sleeping peacefully inside out tent.

I loved the experience. Maybe because we were pretty comfortable in our tent. We brought this raised airbed that never gave us this bothersome moments of it being deflated. Except for Khloe's waking moments (normal for a baby of 9mos), we slept through comfortably until the morning. The only downside of our airbed is that it has no built in pump, instead, it has to be electronically plugged. Good thing, our campsite was catered for a huge number of occupants ('twas hubby's family reunion), hence, we don't need to worry about an outlet. We were able to try to fish and even enjoy splashing on the creek. We stayed 3 days and 2 nights, but with our large family, there was no dull moment.

In preparation for this coming adventure... I grabbed this deal from Groupon. Saved $80 for a night in a cabin instead of a tent. Add to that, the place has the largest pool, a splash pad, a pedal boat ride, a putting golf, and play area where you can enjoy volleyball. There's a spa or even tubes for kids to enjoy.

Screenshot of the deal I got.

As for the cabin itself... I reserve my opinion. I booked a cabin that would be convenient for my 76 year old Mother. It's suppose to have a kitchen, a living room, a queen size bed in one bedroom, and a bunk bed in another room. I'm hoping to enjoy the comfort of the price I paid. With Father's Day the next day, I am hoping hubby would have a nice time with us.

As for roughing it up.. well, we could enjoy the night camp out. We have a pit to use... and even a grill if we need to. As exciting as this sounds, the maternal instinct in me is up and wired. Of course, I have to come up with my camping checklist again. I left most of  our stuffs in California, so we pretty much need to start with the basics:

  • Mosquito repellent
  • Food & Milk
  • Toiletries
  • Sunblock
  • Towels
  • Sweaters
  • Flashlight
  • (firewood maybe)
  • Games for the kids at night
  • First aid kit
  • Medicine
  • Most importantly, a surprise for Hubby!! -- like maybe pancake for breakfast. LOL!
I am so excited and looking forward to this week-end. I am hoping, though, that I won't forget to bring any important stuffs that we might need.

If you think I need something else important -- pray tell. I'll be most appreciative.


Monday, 4 June 2012

Appreciating The Beauty Of Our Own Culture

When a family goes to a tourist-filled place, first thing that comes to mind would be either the theme-parks, the beach or whatever is the most popular attraction. Definitely understandable!!

We brought Khloe to Disneyland because I, most especially, would like to indulge her of her princess' cravings.  When you have a toddler who talk of nothing but princesses 24/7, you have to try indulging her (hoping she'll shake it out of her system once she met the princesses). So I dressed her up as a princess, let her wear my wedding tiara, and let her celebrate with the princesses at Disney. As the cliche goes - "when in Rome, act like a Roman". Because Khloe was in a Princess Fantasy Faire, I let her act like a Princess.

But a friend, Joyce,  introduced to me a different art of indulging a princess. It is by far the most admirable family vacation photo I've ever seen.

This family photo was taken when they visited one of the tourist place in Philippines -- Baguio. Filipinos & tourist alike would drive up this mountainous place for it's known cooler temperature (the only place in Philippines with a spring/fall temperature). This part of the country is home to some of  Filipino Tribal Natives. Joyce' family opted to get this photo op, showcasing the tribal costumes the natives (Igorot) wear.

I really admire the fact that even the girls are loving their outfits. In their own little ways, they are showing the whole world how beautiful our culture is. It's heart-warming to see the beautiful smiles, the glee, the pride they exude with these clothes. If only a lot of us could capture these same moments. 

And with a lot of respect -- I commend their Mom, or even Dad. I give it to Joyce, hats off! To teach the girls how to appreciate the culture in their own little perspective, is awesome parenthood.

With this, she inspired me again of how to become a parent of creative thoughts. And it is to come up with something humbling -- 

Because this more and all -- a humbling moment.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Remembering Making School Papers

Helping my niece with editing her Short Story paper reminded me so much of High School.

Seriously, who won't be? But unlike her, at age of 12, I was not able to come up with my own short story. I commend her for that. However,at such age I remembered starting to enjoy reading. (Okay, she beat me on that one, too.) As oppose to me reading Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew's Mystery series, she finished the entire Hunger Game series. 

But going back to remembering school work, book reviews came to mind. I remember submitting a review of one of the Hardy Boys mystery. I think, I finished reading the entire series. Same with Nancy Drew series. I was a frequent visitor of the library. But making the reviews, at such age, my one year experience with Teen Theater Company  really helped me through my entire four years in high school. Not only with book reviews, but as well as film reviews. Above all, it helped me actually write a script for a Filipino drama project from the book "El Filibusterismo". All the drama project was actually a breeze for me because of TTC. It kind of help me understand how a play is came up with, how a story could evolve to, or how an artiste could portray a role.

Now, as I watch my niece apply all my edits of her work, she makes me feel proud knowing I can help her this way. Unlike her, nobody was there to edit my work. Nobody was there to tell me how I can improve. The only time somebody actually gave me a feedback was after university when a friend, Lyndel, read one of my piece and told me how to improve. And that was really encouraging. Knowing how weak my background was when in comes to literacy, I was really an inferior when it comes to writing. All the papers I wrote were never a sure thing. I would always second guess my ideas and of the way I write it down. 

Hence, it is always with willing heart to assist my nieces or nephews, in little ways that I can, to help them improve. I am not an expert but I am confident I could steer them on the right direction. 

I guess what I am trying to say is -- background is everything. It surely can get you somewhere. Educational background is very important, especially starting it from such a young age. I always lack the discipline when it comes to school work because nobody has really steered me on the correct path. Not that I am blaming anybody. But what I learned, though, is that -- you surely reap what you sow. 

So for students  -- make a habit of learning more at young age is the best start of aiming for success.

For parents & guardians -- personally, I learned that all through out my students life, I need not only monetary support, but also psychological support. Mostly I was confused & uncertain, but I have to be strong to stand my ground and live with my decisions. 

Sometimes, I kind of think of how am I gonna raise Khloe when she becomes a student? Am I suppose to be a strict Mom so she won't make the mistakes I made? Or I'll let her do it her way and let her experience her own journey? 

It kind of reminded me, too, of what a passenger from the plane, who sat beside us told me about how she raised her teen-student (who was a cheerleader). She told me:

"I'd better have a conceited daughter than an inferior one. A daughter who is sure of herself stays out of trouble as oppose to a daughter who has not experience things she wants and gets more curious and ends up losing and betrayed."

Ah,,, she left me baffled. LOL.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Father's Day @ Bissell Hideaway

Father's Day is coming soon. 

Gives me more reason to get excited. Hubby will be visiting us, arriving in 11 days and staying for 3 weeks. With the move and everything, I am somewhat hoping he would be able to bond with Khloe properly, especially as we will be settling down to our own place.  

The week-end he arrives, we will heed off to Bissell Hideaway that same Saturday. Booked us a cabin, got it cheap from 

We don't usually celebrate Father's Day this way but I think he deserves this great treat. Besides after this getaway, he is up to some moving of stuffs. Better set his mood first before he face up the physical challenge of moving.

Each of us celebrate this day and Mother's day in different ways. 

Share yours.