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School of 2013 vs I Hear Your Voice

School of 2013 vs I Hear Your Voice: My Lee Jong SuK Affairs

Straight to the point, I highly recommend School of 2013. I watched I Hear Your Voice because of the hoopla around it. People were talking about it, I really thought it's all that. I was really not into it. Except maybe for the reason that I want to know and see the end of the killer, IHYV is not for me.

School of 2013, though, is a very different story. Not much fuss, not much hush around it, but a drama that captured my inner sense. It's a story of every student, despite it being made in Korea, any student can relate to the joy and the sorrow, the struggle and glory of every achievement and the pain of every failure. It's a story of friendship. A friendship of no other. A friend who never gives up despite the guilt, despite the pain, despite the torture of facing the truth. A friendship that maybe so rare to find in reality, but a friendship I hold true in my heart amongst my friends. It's a story of a real person, of me, of you, of anybody who can see the truth beyond a glass half full and half empty.

The lack of love story in this drama is very endearing. It focused more on the friendship which made this drama very unique. The friendship carried the whole story from start until the end. It's but as if throwing a love angle will destroy the equilibrium. I commend the writer for the storyline. It's not perfect for everybody, but it is my definition of art, of an artist looking past of what is expected by the majority. I care less if the acting was not strong. I care more for what it did to my psyche. Or to myself, as a person that I am. It made me hold strong of every relationship that I had with people around me.

I Can Hear Your Voice is not as bad as I may have described it. I just don't like the crazy hoopla. It's like BOF all over again. Lee Jong Suk is an artiste worthy of what is blessed to his career right now. He can surely pull the acting job effectively. I could watch him on any drama again, but would still go back to him as my School of 2013 bro-mancer with Kim Woo-bin. Unless given a drama that can move me again, I will stick my bromance. But giving ICHYV credit, the killer being out there the whole time the 19 episodes were ran, was the stimulus that kept me watching. But the scenes during the trials introduced me to Korean judicial proceedings. I now realized that even trials could vary from different countries it happen.

After ICHYV, I watched Beethoven Virus. Now, that was one drama that moved me.

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