Wednesday, 15 January 2014


No words could describe how amazing our parents are. But for someone like me, words could be too late to express it to my late Father. So I write this to my Mother, even if it means I may possibly run out of words.

I came from a poor family, whose parents never had the chance to finish elementary. My Mother married my Father young, at age of 16. Despite the lack of comfort, our parents raised us, 8 kids, with steel determination to send us to school and finish with a certificate, a degree or a license. And they did, all 8 of us finished school. Through hard labour, encompassing all health scares, and skirting that thin line of financial constraints, they supported us and guided us in the best way any parents could support their kids.

For years, while studying, I watched my parents push themselves through hard work to make sure we do not take our studies for granted. They took their responsibility, to guide us to a better future, VERY seriously. So, even if we are a family of small-village fisher-folks and wet-market vendor, all the sweat of our parent's hard work was attested by the inked-seals of our college or university diplomas. And we are as lucky and as proud of them every time momentous event like graduation happens.

Then in a swift of fate, a change happened. I watched my Mother worked doubly-hard to make sure I finish up university, for 3 more years, after Father died. I saw her took that burden of making sure I got that degree, just us my last sibling before me did.. I witnessed her struggle, I saw her tears. And I knew then.. in whichever path I will take, I will never ever be someone else but my Mother's daughter.

So, I took the hard road, the easy road, the bumpy road to life's adventure thinking that I figured out how the world works already. Smug of independence as that may sound, at the back of my mind, I always know any route I take, my heart will lead me back to my Mother's arms one day. And that deep link to my Mother never failed me. Even until I became a mother myself.

I am my Mother's daughter after all. And I am so proud to watch my daughter adore my Mother as much as I do. And today, in a spur of a moment, out of nowhere, my four year old daughter, proudly proclaimed that she will take care of me, her dad and my Mother... when we are old.

To hear that from my daughter, even if she is too young to be believable, I know in my heart that I raised her as how my Mother raised me. As I see my daughter's eyes twinkle with glee as she bond with my Mother, I know that she will grow up to be my daughter and my Mother's granddaughter.

To wish for more in this sacred life is beyond my worth. All I wish is for this Legacy of Mother's Bond be forever get instilled into every daughter's heart, unto whatever generation it could be passed.

A Mother's Love is Forever. A Mother is Eternal Love.

I love you, Mother!!!

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