Thursday, 6 September 2012

Getty Comfy at her Tita Yolly's

November, 2009

Khloe started travelling at two months old. A week after she turn two months, she travelled with me and my Mother with four stops/lay-over. Four stops from San Francisco, CA-Charlotte, NC-Buffalo, NY to drop off Mother to go home in Catharines, Ontario Canada. And then flew from Buffalo, NY-Detroit, Mi-Raleigh, NC to stay with her Aunt(Tita) Yolly in Bahama, NC.  

Despite it being her first ever travel, she was such a good baby and slept the whole 6 hours and more overnight flight. It's amazing how well she adjusted to the taking-off and landing of the plane. With stroller, car seat and 3 luggage s in tow, my sister was appalled of how I was able to get to North Carolina with no mishaps.

Our stay in her place was one of the most wonderful vacation I ever had. Staying there for 3 weeks doesn't seem to be enough. It's peaceful, calm, serene and very laid back. My sister and brother-in-law, Danny, is one of the most admirable couple I've ever known. Their very simple, nature-style living is such a treat from the busy life I had in California.

I will never think twice of going back there given a chance.

August 26, 2012

My other sister, with her hubby and two kids drove to Bahama, NC with my hubby and our princess, Khloe, in tow. It's my sister's first time to visit Ate Yolly & Danny at her place, and their very first long drive. I am excited for them as were as the kids. Hubby & Khloe are very used to long drives and I am pretty assured they won't have any problem with Khloe even if I am not with them. They got there after 13 hours of driving.

And Khloe just got so comfortable, as if she never left from her last 2009 vacation.

Hubby liked my sister's very serene surrounding. Khloe had a blast playing around, that when the grown ups went out for a drive, she covered her Tita's furniture with her princess stickers.

After resting for a night, they went out the next day for sight-seeing and enjoyed the beauty of Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina.

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