Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Happy BirthDay, Princess!!!

Miracle of Love
By: Linda Jones

Months have passed, the day is here
My little angel does appear
God's new masterpiece is done
And my job has just begun.

You are laid upon my breast
So content, you softly rest
My perspective now has changed
Everything's been rearranged.

Helpless eyes look up at me
A whole new world in you I see
Tiny fingers grasp my thumb
A whole new person I've become.

A brand new life I must help mold
From this pure innocence I hold
All of my thoughts are now for you
You have made a dream come true.

Unimagined love -- so much
Your smile, you smell, your laugh, your touch
I thank each day the Lord above
For you, my miracle of love.

August 28, 2009
Khloe Chantalle Rivera
was born

Happy 3rd Birthday, Our Beloved Princess.

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