Wednesday, 24 April 2013

KDrama: City Hunter

City Hunter: Resurrected Lee Min Ho in my Heart

You know that feeling of wanting to adore someone so much but something is stopping you because he kind of remind you of something weird and off-key. That is pretty much my feelings for Lee Min Ho. With all this hoopla surrounding Boys Over Flower and his flight to stardom, I was almost swept by his beauty. Sadly,  the "Jandi" factor always held me back. Which is really kind of weird given that Jandi and Goo Jun Pyo is not  mutually conclusive nor cohesive, both as characters and artiste. In fact, I was rooting more for Ji Hoo to end up with Jandi despite the fact that both Jandi and Jihoo has no connection at all, acting-wise. Maybe since BOF, Lee Min Ho has already caught me, but my irritation to Jandi just really pushed me to the roof.

So I tried my darn best to avoid anything Lee Min Ho. But I have this friend who really, really like him and asked me nicely to give him a chance. So I tried Personal Taste. Which I should have not done. Because once again, the lady-lead reminded me so much of Jandi. I almost did not finish the series. Good thing on this one, I was enamored of Lee Min Ho's dimples that I got zapped in to witch-craft and actually finished it up to the end. Weird!!!

Which I considered a good test of my skill, to finally be flexible enough with my preferences and loyalties. I am a very loyal person when it comes to anything: life, love, facts, or arts.

Watching City Hunter is an inevitable that I kept pushing back. But LMH's dimples are  a good calling. And a calling, I do not regret. 

City Hunter, is one of his best so far. Kick-ass LMH is an icing to my dimpled cake. He still lacks the acting depth, but getting out of the flower-boy image and just kicking ass his way to vengeance is a joy to watch. I love the fact that the series gives his character such a heart that makes him grounded. I really don't wanna see another cocky LMH. I like him confused, angry, vengeful, but longing for love and to be whole. It makes his character very interesting to watch. This series made me forget Jandi and her association to LMH. It's but as if, BOF was just a bad dream in my LMH's world of acting. I still have to see faith, which I've read was not good. Maybe, they're wrong.

As for the plot.... it was not disappointing. It was almost solid. Some loopholes, but no drama is perfect. But City Hunter is no boring. Even my mother, watching glimpse of pieces of some scenes kind of zapped her, too. As always, I found the ending lacking. I would like to know if he was actually able to develop a bond with his real father, but the ending kind of just cut it out. With series like this, I want to see more of the filial relationship between the characters, how it evolves and how it ends with the ending. City Hunter didn't gave me that. But I guess.... that's what most of Kdrama gives me.

I just like the fact that City Hunter resurrected LMN in my Kdrama-Heart. Now I am very excited to watch, Heirs.

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