Monday, 5 November 2012

Evolution of Khloe's Halloween Costume

 'Pink Leopard' - Khloe at 2 months old

The weather in Sunnyvale, California is warm enough to just dress her up with this cute sleeper-costume. I was not picky with the style, nor the grandeur. I am all for Khloe celebrating her first Halloween in a costume.

Got this Pink Leopard from Walmart for $12.99

'Twas a steal.

'Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)' - Khloe at 1 y.o. and 2 months

Celebrating Halloween in Canada is Khloe's first time. I have to consider the freezing weather that might be possible. I have to think that she is only a year old. And it's gonna be her first Halloween to experience trick or treating.

I got this costume from Target (Sunnyvale, California) for $19.99

At this moment of her life... she's very fond of her Barney. But I let her watch Wizard of Oz for her to grasp the idea of her costume. Of course, what can you expect from a one year old. The musical moments were her favourite. She does love music, song and dance at this stage.

The turtle neck is never a question. She needs it to keep her warm for trick or treating. The red shoes, we scoured most of the possible stores in Silicon Valley (California) and here in St Catharines (Ontario). Either she don't have the size, or it's not red. I got the red shoes from Sears here in St Kits. It's more like a slipper-shoe than a sandals. But she loves them. Her Tita Clarisa lent her a puppy stuff toy for her Toto. Thus, completing the look.

'Pirate Princess' - Khloe at 2 y.o. & 2 months

At this stage of my daughter's life, I wanna dress her up devoid of the usual princess-way. At this year, she was really into Dora. But I saw this costume online from and it consumed me. I saw Khloe on it... and online, I purchased it. $34.99, shipped to her Dad in California and her Dad brought it here in St Catharines.

When she tried it the first time -- it awed me. In my mind, I can dress her up with anything and she'll walk the talk, or talk the walk.

This photo speaks more than a mother like me could write. I completed this with a black turtle neck and black boots. Trick or treating was not as freezing as the last time. She enjoyed her journey around the block. 

'Cinderella Princess' - Khloe at 3 y.o. & 2 months

When your toddler consumed her toddler years with everything princessy -- at some point, a good mother has to give in and indulge her. I did try so hard to sway her from wearing anything princess for Halloween.

With little princess like Khloe, a crayon costume or a little red riding hood is no substitute to being a princess for a night.

So I gave in and indulged her. My sister tried to hand me down 3-generations of Belle costume. Unfortunately, it is too big for her tiny size. But I am one lucky mom who is surrounded with awesome friends with fashion style and princess little girls. My 'kumare' Rose handed me down my god-daughter's Cinderella costume -- a piece of costume I can't resist to showcase, especially with Khloe's flair for royalty and all.

So, my little royal highness, graced this year's Halloween with her royal presence as Little Cinderella. I completed this with a navy long-sleeve shirt, a navy-blue stocking, black boots, blue headband and a white lace gloves.

It was a very royal night. Despite the rain... Khloe had so much fun trick or treating with her cousins and friends.

2nd-generation of Cinderella costume = $Priceless (Thank You, Rose & my princess, Cheska)

Next year would be a different story. No more long gowns. No more princess costume. I'm hoping she'll say yes to a crayon. LOL.


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