Monday, 5 November 2012

Experiencing the Eraserheads Again

It's been more than 10 years since I first seen them play live!!! Been more than 10 years of waiting for this moment.. dreaming of this moment to finally happen. And it did. October 19, 2012. Koolhaus. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ely stood in front of me, up the stage... just a few yards away. I saw Buddy on his right, Raimund from behind with his drums and Marcus on his left. It's that most awesome feeling. 

Leaving my daughter in Niagara, for the first time, travelling to Toronto more than an hour away, and falling in line for hours, and waited with the crowd for hours.... is all worth it!!! The V.I.P (Meet n Greet plus concert) ticket price is all worth it!! My hubby.. gave me the most awesome birthday present of my life (next to our drive-thru wedding in Niagara Falls). 

I've never had so much fun in my life, maybe since... university days. Never been so free. So belonged. Sharing this precious moment with my friend, Michelle, whom I gave hubby's ticket, and watching her fall in love of Ely is very reminiscent of my  Eheads-manic years. Mind you, she has very little idea of the Eraserheads, and even of their songs. All she know is that most people she know is watching the concert. And she was almost headbanging on some of the songs. Did I say, she don't know the lyrics? So yes.... I discovered a new fan. Sharing my gifted Eheads, sharing the love... that connection to every song. 

If you'll ask me... would I do that again.... DEFINITELY, YES!!! Bring on another tour... and I'll go wherever possible. 

That's how a fan I am.

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