Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Family Time: Toronto Santa Claus Parade

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As a mother, I am just like any mom and that I also want the best for my daughter. Since knowing that I am going to be a parent, I promised myself that I will do everything that I can to raise her as how I perceived society, as how I would have wanted to grow up. Not in a material way, but that as a child who is full of wonderful memories. Memories that she won't trade for anything in this world. Memories with us, her parents.

So far, despite the distance separating us from her Dad, I have tried my best to raise her as a wonderful child who never question her Dad's lack of presence. Not that it is a justification. But their camaraderie when they are together is beyond my expectations, it is but as if they never get separated for weeks. And it is with pride and joy for both us her parents that we see her as a happy kid and that we raised her to be a better person despite anything.

Hence, hubby and I always support anything she is very much interested, as long as we are able. Like simple thing as her love for parades. 

This year is going to be her first Toronto Santa Claus Parade. It's gonna be chilly... but it's gonna be another wonderful memory for her to treasure.

Ialways try to come up with something that she can keep in mind. Something of a tradition. I am hoping that she will grow up with this little tradition in mind. And I am hoping that when she becomes a parent herself, she will never forget to take a backseat from such a busy world she might live and spend time with FAMILY.

I know that others would say, we can spend time at home... watch tv or something. But for me, to do this is to do something special. And I know that she will remember it forever. 

I will never forget my first Toronto Santa Claus parade. The joy, the experience, that one moment in my life that made me promised myself that if I'll have my own family -- I will not deprive them of it. And bringing Khloe this year, is also fulfilling a promise to myself. And having said this, I am thankful of that special family who brought me with them to experience it. Indeed... it's a beautiful celebration of sort. Despite the chill, the crowded street... and the chill again.

I know Khloe will love it. I know she will thank me one day for bringing her.

I am a huge believer of family-first. And a huge advocate of Family Time. 

This sunday, is gonna be on that list of our Special Family Time.

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