Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My Idea of What Friendship Is

A lot of cliche you can use to define friendship. But I rarely use one. I would rather define it through a story. Usually... a very long story.

Moving from places to places.. it usually takes me a while to develop a very deep a friendship and would call someone my bestfriend. Maybe because I do not do constant relationship anymore. I am not the old me, burn-the-phone-lines, week-end-overnights, hang-out-'til-you're-out kind of a friend anymore.

I learned that true friends stay forever. Whether you never get in touch anymore. Whether you were not there when they needed you the most. Whether you were never anywhere when they wanna find you. Whether you never find quality time for them anymore. Because true friends understand.

True friends understand when you can't spare enough time to hang out with them. When you can't afford to put them on your top priorities in your life. When you can't keep up with a promise. Or even when you have other friends you are busy with.

Because a true friend cares enough to know why. They know you enough to understand why. And they are sincere enough to stay back and just let you be.

For me, friendship is just like marriage. The sincerity lies on your commitment to be a friend forever.

I am proud of all my friends. I know... we can count on each other .. when one need each other the most. Sometimes, it may not be physically.... by I know.. emotionally, we all connect.

Because friendship is, first and foremost, a lingering connection. When you connect you build this strong commitment. Up or down, richer and for poorer, sickness and in health...

I firmly believe that "Friendship will stand the test of time."

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