Saturday, 21 July 2012

Baking with My Toddler

As we enjoy our new place... I can't help but get anxious with things that needs to get done and organized. I haven't had a home to organize for months already that I felt like this is a different start all over again. But with the move happening very smoothly and we got settled really I have to come up with ideas on how make this new home really enjoyable for both my mother and my toddler.

Of course, the kitchen is always my favourite room.

 I haven't  enjoyed cooking and baking this much until now, and it's because of my almost-3yearold toddler, Khloe.

When we were in California and was staying at our own apartment... she was still very young to actually enjoy baking or cooking. I think she was just starting to walk. I remember, I would pull up her high chair close to the counter tops and would give her ladles and wire whiskers to play with. 

But now... she's a big girl enough to roll her own crescent, whisk the ingredients, or even just beat the eggs. Her favourite part is putting  the cup liners on the baking pan.

She loves what we're doing and she would always ask for something to bake.

These activities keep her busy that she is now used to not having her cousins to play with at all times,  and also makes her appreciate home baked and home made foods and pastries.

With this, I am able to stock up with healthy muffins for my mother's breakfast and snacks. I am also able to encourage Khloe to eat home made snacks.. like home-baked french fries. 

My mother's strictness to healthy eating habits made me conscious with buying groceries. Zero calories is very important on the packaging. My blueberry muffin is all whole wheat flour, oat bran   and even, wheat bran. 

This healthy diet is growing on me.

Now I just have to start with a work-out.

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  1. glad to see Khloe enjoying herself, thess. and glad to see you baking... i'm on a hiatus in baking... i don't have an oven here in Pinas hehehe