Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Looking forward for September 2012

One of the best thing about coming back here in Canada is experiencing the four seasons of the year: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. We had an awesome Fall when we came back here last September, then the most awesome Winter (which gave us like 3 dumps of snowed week-end only), then a summer-like Spring that felt like we never had Winter.. and right now, the most intense-humid-dry Summer. Can't blame me if I am already looking forward for Fall. :)

But I am seriously looking forward to Fall. Simply because of everything is coming up...

Khloe's Ballet - as soon as first Saturday of September starts, Khloe's ballet is starting. This is a regular Saturday schedule until their Recital Production on May, 2013. Khloe has been asking to go back to her ballet non-stop. Her little brain can't comprehend the fact that there is a Summer break even for teachers of ballet. She's all registered and ready to come back.

September Mondays, All-Star Dancing With The Stars - Not only is DWTS starting again, but most of all, it's an All-Star. I am looking forward for Mario Lopez coming back. My mother is looking forward for DWTS staring again, PERIOD.

September Tuesdays, NCIS Season 12 - Of course, my beloved NCIS. If the teeners are looking forward to Glee, I can't wait for NCIS to start. I miss me some Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, Abby, McGee, and Ducky!!!

September Wednesdays, Survivor (in Philippines) & X-Factor - This is the day when the I become an expert on switching channels. Pick which one.. but both are very promising. Looking forward to watching Survivor showcast places in Philippines. Wonder where they shoot.

September Thursday, X-Factor Result - What can I say? If Mother watched X-Factor and not watch the result, what's the purpose of anticipating? 

Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays - Family Bonding. September means Fall and kids go back to school. Week-end is their time to bond with Khloe. Also means, Thanksgiving and Christmas is on it's way. And it means Birthdays are around the corner, too. 

What can I say? Time flies so fast :)

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