Sunday, 15 July 2012

Khloe's First Emergency Visit to the Hospital


We were in a Christening Reception when it all happened. Her dad was suppose to be watching her/them.
He was watching alright, but was not able to get to her on time.

One second is all it takes!!!

If blaming is the game, I don't blame hubby, but I could blame the fact that he lacked training and needs to get back to that babysitting/parenting game.

SCENARIO: As a godnmother, I was inside the restaurant with the celebrant and family and friends. The kids went outside for a play. Hubby watching Khloe. My nephew decided to play chase with Khloe on a piggy back ride. He lost his footing and lost his balance, scraped his elbows and (as much as he tried to protect Khloe), Khloe fell off his back. Both of them crying. Hubby didn't came to me right away. First time to see Khloe crying so painfully and non-stop. I am so used to her consolable and I just have kiss her bo-bo away and she'll be fine. Not at this point. I thought she scraped her back. I tried not to look at it because she doesn't want to be moved or touched anywhere. I held her.. she's still crying. We ended up going home early as both kids were un-consolable.

At home, I tried to check where she got hurt. My sister keeps on telling me to bring her for a check-up. I tried calmness. Khloe is still crying and don't want me to move her. She just wants me to hold her and not move. I can't check anything. My sister repeatedly asked me to bring her to see a doctor. Again, I waited until Khloe stopped crying and I can check what happened. It was a couple of minutes before I was able to console her. I checked her back and found no scrape. Then I notice she's not moving her right arms. I thought she broke her shoulder. I tried to move her from the side and she ended up wailing in pain. That's when I decided to bring her and see a doctor. I know.. this is one pain I can't just kiss away. Atleast I know what to tell the doctor.

We went to a walk-in. The clinic is almost closing, so he wrote us a referral to the hospital for XRAy. Getting Khloe in and out of the car and her car-seat was a struggle. When we got to the hospital... the wait was... a wait. I tried to put her to sleep but she wakes up everytime I shifts her on my other arm. Hubby was out mostly to try and find parking for the car. Being this is a FIRST TIME for both of this, for all of these... it was a learning experience. Still, we were so clueless, parking was even a struggle. 

When we got to the one of the emergency room, it took forever for the doctor to come. Good thing Khloe found the bed comfy, she slept the whole time waiting for the doctor. When the doctor came in, he sent us for xray at the upper floor and we came back and waited for the result. After a couple of minutes, we were told, she got a broken collar-bone. Thank goodness she is young enough that her bone will heal back in a jiffy. We didn't get any prescription. We were just told it was a broken collar-bone and that we need to go for a follow-up check the next week with a bone-doctor.

After another struggle with getting her inside the car -- we brought her to Port Dalhousie for a carousel ride. This idea made her face lift up... and for a couple of minutes, we saw that old Khloe back to herself, riding the horse on the carousel. 

This experience showed us how brave of a toddler she was. Despite the pain.... she tried to smile.. to laugh, to play the best that she can. She didnt got sick  which is such a relief. The pain comes and goes especially when she tries or we try to move her. The next day, I was late at work because I need to leave her comfortable in bed resting. I showed her that putting a sling could help her. I came home with her playing her puzzles in a sling.

After three days, she is good enough to run and stumble. From time to time she would remember she got hurt on her right shoulder and she would tell me "Doctor, Mom? Medicine??"

Then, I tell her that she is perfectly fine and that she doesn't need a doctor, nor medicine.

Thank goodness, I have a very strong baby :)

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