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Niagara Region: Places I Personally Recommends

Since migrating from Philippines and living since in the Niagara Peninsula...
I couldn't be any prouder to call myself a Niagaran-by-Heart, even if I did left it for three years to try California. But the fact that I came back, and decided to stay with my little princess is a testament of how much I love the region. 

A friend asked me to recommend to her other places to see when they visit Niagara the next time (except for the infamous Niagara Falls (Horseshoe Falls) and Fallsview Casino... 

Fact is, I don't know that much places either. I haven't been around Niagara that much. I would know more of places in North California if one would ask me where to go in Bay Area.(Maybe??) But I will try my best to come up with something that would help. And this is mostly a family-oriented kind of scene. (If you ask me which club to go at night -- forget it!!! If not for my job in call center and knew people in bar scenes, I'll never be into one)

If you want detailed places, stop at a Tourist Center (they have one somewhere in QEW)  and you'll get detailed places...

Here's my recommended list:

NIAGARA FALLS (Horseshoe Falls) - I would always specify the Horseshoe Falls because this is the one that we have on the Canadian side. The other one is the American Falls (it might have a name but I forgot what is), but it's the one from the American Side. Parking: There's one close to Table Rock (The Tourist Shop) but you have to pay $20.00. I recommend to park at Fallsview Casino (sometimes when it's not a popular day it would only cost you $5, if you play Casino and get a Players Advantage Card(PAC), show the card when you drive out, cost you nothing, $0. Then stroll down Clifton Hill to experience the breathtaking Niagara Falls. Daytime is good, wait for the mist to subside to get beautiful photos. Nightime is spectacular because of the play of the lights on the water falls. Make sure you bring strollers for the kids, light sweater or coat, weather-wise. Sit on the grass. take your time. I did climbed the tree once when we were too young to be bored there.

CLIFTON HILL (Niagara Falls) - again park in Fallsview Casino (read above post RE: Niagara Falls). When you wanna stroll up (or down) for something to eat, enjoy Clifton Hill. We have the XD Movie Theater  that is full motion (moves). (Haven't experience it yet). There's also the most scariest Hunted House as per my niece. My sister said my niece came out scared and ghostly-faced. Don't forget to try the SkyWheel. Or the Dinosaur Adventure. While at it... along Clifton Hill, you'll see a tower... my nephew's favourite - Skylon Tower. If you're into a romantic mood and have lotsa cash/cards to spare, treat yourself and your guests unto a dinner at the Revolving Restaurant. Tried it with my two friends, twas very expensive but they served me the best and yummiest Salmon Dinner ever. The view of the falls at night, from atop, is worth all the money you spend for the dinner. Again, it doesn't come cheap. If you think too formal is not for you but still would like to try the towering height, try their Buffet on the other level, they charged $35 per person as per my last inquiry last week. (that is plus tax & drink, LOL!) However, if you don't wanna spend money for food but want the KIDS to enjoy themselves, save those coins and small bills, the ground floor of Skylon Tower houses indoor kids fun. All you need is to change those bills to tokens.. and you can sit down there at the dining area as the kids go around and play. 

MAID-OF-THE-MIST. This is a boat ride to experience the thundering water falls. Kids of certain age are not allowed on board. Hence, my hubby and Khloe hasn't experience this yet.

MARINELAND &  SAFARI NIAGARA. Niagara's answer for your zoo escapades, Marineland is located in Niagara Falls while Safari Niagara is in Stevensville (towards Fort Erie). 

GREAT WOLF LODGE, AMERICANA OR FALLSVIEW INDOOR WATERPARK. So far, I have only tried Fallsview Indoor waterpark but I got some info for the other two. Great Wolf Lodge can only be enjoyed if you book the rooms. It's pricey but my family enjoys them.. and watch online for deals. Usually priced between $200 up, with deals, you can get a room for $100plus. Kids could enjoy it so much, I cannot describe it in words except for whatever they say about it, that's pretty much covers how amazing it is. Americana & Fallsview Waterpark are accessible by a day pass or by booking a room. Fallsview is very convenient if you wanna enjoy the Falls scene. Americana on the other hand is driveable.  

BUTTERFLY CONSERVATORY, FLORAL CLOCK, BOTANICAL GARDEN, CABLE CAR RIDE (to New York Side crossing the Whirlpool) & NIAGARA HELICOPTERS -- if you wanna enjoy these beautiful greenery of Niagara, follow the Niagara Parkway (going towards Toronto NOT Fort Erie) and it will lead you straight up to these places. While you're at this locations and you still have the time, try checking out the QUEENSTON HEIGHTS. All you need is a picnic basket, and whatever you need to laze on the grass, hike a trail or smell the flowers.

HAPPY ROLPH'S BIRD SANCTUARY & PORT DALHOUSIE (Saint Catharines). If you want to experience a less hectic place and just wanna enjoy nature at it's best, Happy Rolph's is the place to be. You can feed the ducks, (use to pet) the different animals, little play area, the green grass, follow the trail that would lead you to a rocky lakeside and just breath that air of tranquility. If you wanna enjoy the skin-view beach scene, Port Dalhousie is the place to be. The kids could enjoy a wonderful, fully-restored carousel for a nickel (5 cents) per ride. You can bring your volleyball and test your sports power, or laze around to get that perfect tan on the beach. You can enjoy the stroll as far or beyond the lighthouse. There is also a play area for the kids.(And yes, there is a Tim Hortons in the vicinity).

CRYSTAL BEACH, SHERKSTON BEACH, CRESCENT BEACH, THUNDER BAY BEACH & NICKEL BEACH (Along the beaches of Fort Erie to Port Colborne). Want some sun and beach time? Niagara has all that. Check out these beaches and you don't need to drive hours up north.

CAMPARK RESORTS, RIVERSIDE PARK CAMPGROUND, SHALAMAR CAMPGROUND, WINDMILL POINT PARK, BISSELL HIDEAWAY, are just but a few of Camp Sites for your camping appetite. We did Biseell Hideaway, and although the cabin we booked was pricey, it was all worth it.

NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE WINERIES. Love you wine? Learn how they make them. ENjoy Niagara-On-the-Lake!!!

I know I missed a lot.. but this is what I can come up with as of this moment. Hope it will help you especially for this hella-hot Summer we have!!!!

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