Saturday, 14 July 2012

New Place... New Home!!!!

Settled at Last!!!

It's been week since we moved to our new crib. It was a hectic day for a move.
The heat was intense. Me & hubby woke up early of friday last week to shop around for last minute shopping and furniture sales. Then we waited to have access for the new pad..  With the help of my ever helpful brother-in-law, Dennis, off they went to haul in the boxes and meager furniture that I had. Dennis borrowed a  truck for our move, and did 2 trips of intense hauling in and out under a surge of crazy humidity and blazing heat with hubby. Then off they went to haul in and out more boxes for my sis' friend.

With the help of Mother & my sis, Clarisa, Khloe was spared of that crazy temperature as she stayed with them at her house. I tried to put away as much stuffs as I can, and set up my kitchen as fast as I can. Thirsty & toasted, I requested to loan a cooler from work and brought home Cook & Cold Cooler from the shop. The cold & refreshing water helped me a lot in not losing my sanity from such a rigorous day.

I decided to spend the night with hubby & Khloe at our new place, especially given the fact that hubby is flying the next day back to California. After some 4 hours, the apartment is almost set-up except for the dining set that my sister, Cherry, is giving us. When everybody thought everyone was hungry and tired enough... we decided to eat out to grab some Vietnamese food.Cherry ended  our tiring day with the promised dining set. 

Next day... hubby flew home...
With that weak determination to cross the border.

I know... he loved the new place.

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  1. cozy-looking sofa... now, you're reallyt staying in Canada? when is hubs joining you there?