Friday, 3 August 2012

A Sick Princess

The month of July ended at work with its usual frenzy way.

Then I got home to find a sick toddler. I tried to calm my frantic nerves as my toddler tried her best to be her usual self despite coughs, dripping nose and sneezing. Next day is her doctor's appointment to follow-up her broken collar bone last month.

One of the most scary moment was when she woke up in the middle of the night claiming her tummy hurts. What a mom to do when stuffs like this happen? It was a first for her to say her tummy hurts, and it was a first for me to deal with this complaint now that she can actually tell me what she's feeling.  I found out she a little bit feverish, and gave her a tsp of medicine. This made her feel better and the turning side to side, up and down finally stopped. She ended up finding a comfy sleep on the couch in our little living room.

Her doctor's visit went on smoothly. Despite the fact that I dragged her out of her sleep to bring her to the hospital, she was actually very responsive and cooperative during her x-ray session.

With pride and joy, I brought her to Tim Horton's for her favourite chocolate chip cookie treat.

Then we went home so she can rest a bit more. Still coughing, sneezing and nose dripping, Khloe tried her best to play as if she's all fine. Of course, there's the jumping up and down, blocks and puzzles all over the place.

And for a sick baby, she looks like she is not sick at all, which is a normal Khloe-way of dealing with cold or fever. So I indulged her with one more of her cravings.... by honouring us with her royal presence.

And who am I to refuse....?

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