Friday, 10 August 2012

Re-Use and Not Dispose

Part of my new found living with Mother & my daughter is watching the morning news about what is going in Philippines. These past few days of the week, I can't help but be sad as we watch the flood creating havoc to the lives of a lot of Filipino all over the northern part of the country.

Today, one of the news segment discussed about the campaign to practice not using plastics.

I definitely agree.

However, it is easier said than done.

When I was working in one of the biggest retailer in the US, they tried to start getting rid of the plastic bags by selling this reusable bags for 40 cents. Some customers were agreeable and purchased. A lot reacted otherwise and started complaining. The company pushed back the idea and when I visited last time, there's not much reusable bags in the counter. Proof that it was not a hit to the customers.

When I went home last year in the Philippines, I tried to purchase reusable bags every time I get groceries from SM. My nieces would complain because it was costly. I told them that except for the durability, it is reusable and a little way of helping save the environment. But for them, the cost defeats the environmental issue.

I definitely understand why Filipino who do not have the means cannot afford to campaign to get rid of the plastic bags. They have no choice but settle for the one which is FREE.

In my own little way, I help my family get use to this practice by sending them reusable bags. My mother would complain why I always buy new ones every time I go for groceries or shopping. She finally understood my reasons when she saw me stashed tons of them inside the balikbayan box we sent. I told her, this will help them a lot when they get groceries from town. The bags are durable and can stand weight or even rain.

In this connection, I also would like to commend the Ontarians (Canadians) who are really into this campaign which is very inspiring. I am still trying my best to bring my owns bags everytime I go for groceries. But it is remarkable that most grocery stores here charge extra if you want the plastic bags. This actually encourages customers to bring their own bags, at the same time, it helps the environment.

Until now, I still buy and collect reusable bags. Again, it my intent to send more to my family in Philippines.

(Khloe wanna be a part of this blog. She said "Me, too, Mom, blog, Mom!" So I let her model this one reusable bag I like the most. You can roll it into a little ball and won't use up that much space in your purse)

I encourage those who live abroad to start the practice of collecting reusable bags and to send it to your family back home. In our own little way, we can help.

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