Sunday, 5 August 2012

Flying Comfortably With An Airline You Trust

Flying has become ordinary to me since I decided to explore the different places of this northern part of the continent. Well, not really an explorer, just a passer-by, I may say. Going back in forth, West to East, North to South, I got myself immune to flying. I could say, I may have tried most of the airlines, may that be before I became a Mom or even after that.

My worst experience was with American Airlines. I am not sure if I was just a rare case, but I discovered that they don't have family boarding. Very inconvenient for a traveller with kids, expecially a baby. I flew with Delta, Northwest, United Airlines, US Airways, Air Canada, Jet Blue & Southwest. My favourite so far is Southwest.

Why Southwest? I love the fact that they don't have assigned seats. And family boarding is next to Business Class. Their customer service is awesome. And your bags fly free (no baggages fees for up to 2).

Shopping for a good deal to fly to Myrtle Beach, I found this airline that fly straight to Myrtle. Spirit Airline. If everything is set up and I am able to fly with them, I'll post further of how I find their service.

For now, my most priority about flying is making sure my family members travelling with is comfortable. And that is equal to EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE which I never find lacking with Southwest.

Because believe me, I have my worst share of airport stories. Be that getting stranded, airport getting snowed-in and debating with boarding attendants.

Flying has to be comfortable!.PERIOD.

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