Friday, 3 August 2012

Valenzuela: Hubby's Hometown slashed by Typhoon Gener

Despite the frenzy events this past few days, added to that a sick toddler, the news about the recent Typhoon Gener slashing Philippines at it's worst didn't get unnoticed. Mother has been watching the news diligently, just to check out that our province is not that harmed. As the typhoon is more wreaking havoc in Luzon, my hubby's hometown is never spared. Historywise & geographically wise, it's always on the news. Everytime the news names his Elementary School & High School as one of those whose classes are still cancelled, I keep on telling our almost-3-year-old that it's her dad's school and hometown.

Khloe would watch the videos and photos for some minutes and say "Daddd school" or "Lola Mina". This reminded me of our journey last year when we stayed there for some days to visit.

Hubby grew up in Bilog, Balangkas in Valenzuela City. Although I visited and stayed there twice already, I do have my own experience of their flood, big and small.

Small is when you are still able to go from one house to another and the "padyak"(tri-pedalled transportation) can still bring you from place to place.

Big is when you stayed all day on the upper floor of your house and the only way to go places is a truck or a "padyak" with your legs leveled-up with your bum while sitting.

Both of these scenarios, I experienced. The big one was last year, when I stayed there with Khloe. Imagine my struggle.

But despite these events, I am still connected to the place in my own little way. Major reason is because it's my hubby's hometown and my daughter's roots. When Mama (mother-in-law) and I brought Khloe there to meet her Granddies, Aunts, Uncles & cousins - I felt really moved. She was only a year and some months then but she looks like she belongs. Maybe because she looks like her cousins. Most of Khloe's features where from her Dad's side.

And simply because of this that I feel really bad to watch news about how badly hubby's hometown got wreaked. I hope and pray that the residents got through this typhoon safely and would be able to spring back to their usual life with not much damage.

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