Sunday, 5 August 2012

To Hat or Not to Hat

For weeks now, there's an on-going debate inside my head on what to give-out on Khloe's birthday party. With a Princess Theme & a thrown-in Tea Party, I was pretty intent on giving-out tea party hats as a souvenir.

Wouldn't the little royals look fabulous if they would be all wearing hats as they enjoy their tea?

But with an-hour of play-time prior to the party, I found the hat too-containing for them to enjoy playing around. So I scratched the hat idea despite the fact that I was almost ready to order the supplies for the parents/guardians to decorate their kids own hats. This is also because of the fact that the hosts of the party have allotted half-an-hour of craft-time for the kids. Who knows they might make their own tiara or tea-party-hat. LOL.

So what I decided is come up, surfed up and down for an alternative. Finally, I found something really close, looking-really-so-royal, and less-of-a-brim-hat-but-still-the-same-idea.

Can't describe it in words.... but I can make you picture it --- you'll feel like Princess Kate with this head-gear.

Downside, I have to order it in lot. But for the beauty I saw -- I can always use it for something.

So, NO, it is Not To Hat. Such a pity because Khloe can actually pull it off despite such a sour face. In fact, this photo is still featured in Halo Heaven's Tea Party WebPage. Wonder what made them choose this photo. Still a why for me.

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