Saturday, 11 August 2012

Eraseheads: The Only Band That Matters To Me

This blog was inspired by Eraserheads upcoming 2012 North American Tour.
For tickets & details see Schizo's Eheads Archives.

Some say Eraserheads is the band that transcends through generations.
Other say it's the band who defined their generation.

I'll say, it is the only band that Matters Most To Me.

Eraserheads do transcends through generations. For every fan, their music lives on forever.
You can move from Luzon to Mindanao, from Alaska to Antartica, but you will never forget an Eraserheads song. And whether you're a 5-year old during the 90's, or the groupie, years will pass, but you'll never forget an Eraserheads song? Even if Calla Lilly will revive it ten times and still not get it right, even if Aiza Segeurra will sing for you "With a Smile" and you'll think she owned the song with so much soul and more, YET, someone else will tell you, it is first and foremost an Eheads song.

They said Eraserheads music defined their generation. The elementaries of the 90's define them as the band who taught them how to swear with "Pare Ko". The high schools of the 90's would define them as the band who made them brought "Magasin". My generation would define them with an album title -- "Cutterpillow" and of course, the Sunken Garden.

Every fan has their own Eraserheads story.

My Eraserheads story is etched on my life, my first love, and how I become to be who I am. I don't need words to tell it. But I do have my song to define it. My life started "With A Smile"... and ended up with "Lightyears" away from me.

Eraserheads gave me song when nothing else matters. The song healed up my tortured soul. Then life mattered to me again.

Gave me my rainbow... my "Maselang Bahaghari"

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