Thursday, 7 June 2012

Cheeky Monkeys Indoor Playland: Khloe`s Lala-land!

Moving back here in Ontario (Canada) and raising a toddler by myself, I have to come up with activities that would prove to my husband, I am taking good care of his daughter. One thing that matters most to him is Khloe   growing up happy and loved. We`re hoping that it could help her fill the gaps of time that her dad is not with us. Hopefully she won`t find our love lacking. 

Last Wintertime, Cheeky Monkeys Indoor Playland, proved to be a favorite for Khloe. Once a week, I would try to find a way to bring her there for a good play. At 28 months old, Khloe was at first hesitant to climb up tunnels and obstacles and slides. I remember she would call me to help her navigate the climbs. After a couple of month, I am able to start enjoying my lazy sit on one of the couches, as she plays with other kids that drops in for a play. At lucky days, you can even connect with their wifi. This spring, I would bring my laptop and surf the web (if wifi permits) as she plays around. Knowing that she is safe around is such a comfort for a Mom like me, who would like to simply enjoy that quiet time, or the chat with the other Moms. 

If my niece, Chelsea, & nephew, Ethan, would come with us... they would enjoy the pizza and slushies that are available for orders. Khloe & Ethan would end up with blue or red tongue when done with their drinks and foods.

Khloe adores Cheeky Monkeys. However this summer, I would like to introduce her to an outdoor activity. When her dads come for a visit next week, we`re hoping to get some beach time where she can play on the sand... and enjoy the water.

From time to time... I would still bring her to Cheeky Monkey because a toddler her age -- never forgets their first love. Right now, it`s Cheeky Monkey.

Enough Said!!

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