Sunday, 10 June 2012

Family Bonding Moment

One of those reason why I moved back here Canada is to be together with my family.

 Hubby's family is so close knit, I'm always so jealous of how well everybody gather together in any event, big or small. May that be a wedding, baptism, Christmas, birthday, or even just a backyard bar-b-q. Everytime I come to one, I would think of my family both here in Canada and the Philippines.

Bringing Khloe with me back here in Canada is such a joy for my family, especially the kids. Khloe is the youngest they have, and the three of them just love and adore her. Khloe could ask me of either Chelsea, Ethan or Cassey every morning she wakes up.

 In a beautiful, sunny, HOT Sunday like today... soaking up at my sister's pool is the first thing that is up on the agenda. Khloe has been asking me to go to Cassey's house non-stop since Friday. As much as she always end-up running away chased by Iris, Cassey's dog, she still would ask every single day about going to 'Cass house'. Their bonding time is always precious.. indoor or outdoor. The way they play with her, or even just take care of her in their own teen-way is so beautiful to watch.

Family bonding is very precious to me. Despite being far away from hubby, I always make sure our little get together moments are full of memories. Khloe is never unfamiliar with her dad no matter how long they don't see each other. Our Texas and Disney get-away are memories we can keep together in our hearts until the three of us could be together again.

Today, I saw how happy Khloe is. She doesn't lack any love. She knows we all love her. I love the fact that her family from both sides of parents are close-knits. I know, she will grow up appreciating how important family is.

Hence, bonding time is very important.

Time flies so fast..... that every second counts.

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