Saturday, 2 June 2012

On the Move!!!: A Revisit of the Last

We'll be moving to our own place soon.. hopefully before the month ends.
Of course, I can't wait.
My brain is inkling to start settling a new.

Last time we moved was 2009, when we were California and we moved to a different apartment. I was 8 months pregnant. But a month before the move, I started packing our dire-stuffs in boxes. It was not a hard move, but not easy as well as I can't bend that much, nor clean both places thoroughly. How could I ever forget this move? I ended up giving birth early. LOL.

What happened? My due date was Sept 15. We're suppose to move in Sept 1 but I begged Cathy (the landlord) to make it possible for us to move 2 weeks before so I can still help organize stuffs at the new place before I give birth. So we were able to move August 23. We tried to clean up and move everything in before my sister & niece, Cherry & Cass, comes from Canada for a visit. Their arrival date is Aug 26 at 11pm. But since I am not yet on maternity leave, I had to work that Wednesday up to 8pm, go home, wash the floor and clean up their room and drive with hubby to San Francisco Airport to pick them up. They ended up arriving late at 1am of Aug 27. All of us tired (them jet lagged), we slept in. When the three of us got all going that Thursday, we went for a walk to the nearest store and my sister picked up some linens (yay!) and went grocery shopping from the nearby chinese store. It was a short walk but I felt like I can't last anymore. So me and Cass ended up grabbing some fast food from McDonalds as we waited for sister to get back to us. That afternoon, as soon as hubby got home from work, we drove to Milpitas-Great Mall for them to experience Jollibee and good-deals shopping. Again, I felt like I can't continue walking that far. I thought I just got so beaten up with the moving and all. That night, Cherry & Cass slept early to make up with their jet-lagged time change.

 At 12am of Friday, my contractions started. I let hubby slept telling him in his half-awake,half-sleeping state, that I might be in labour and that I need him to get back to sleep so he is all good when we go to the hospital. I dealt with my early labour all by myself, took a bath, cooked, ate and phoned the hospital about my contractions. They told me to time it and when I am 1 minute apart, then I could go. At 4:30am, I woke hubby up, he drove me to the hospital, admitted at 5cm. At 10am of August 28, I gave birth to a beautiful baby whom we named Khloe Chantalle. August 29 at 3pm we got discharged from the hospital. The next day, Sunday, my other sister and her family, Clarisa, Dennis, Chelsea & Ethan, with Nanay, landed in San Francisco Airport from Canada to visit us as well.

So yes, pretty much, our every move will be a reminder of this blessed day.

But going back to our soon-to-be-move... I am all excited!!

I picked up necessary stuffs little by little. Homesense  is my new bestfriend right now. Will be getting furniture from my sisters. And hubby is coming in 12 days!!!!

All of this is getting me more excited again. And today is saturday... when garage sale is the game.

Happy reading!!!

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