Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Baby Talk: Little Girls Are Made Of

A client at work came in with her seven month old little girl
and my heart flipped-flopped .

The little girl smiled at me....
not only once... but so many times...
it made my brain scream....
"I want one of them, munchkins--- again.... !!!"

Her name is Zoe.
Hella reminded me of Khloe...
Khloe at seven months old, too.
Those chunky legs..
Those sweet, pretty smiles...

I so miss Khloe at seven months :((

At seven months...
They try to digest what you teach them...
They don't make their own choices yet.
They are the cutie babies you adore and love to cuddle.

As compare to the almost-3year old Khloe I have right now.

A mind of her own.
Tries to trick me in every way.
Even find ways to make me think twice.

Seriously... how could they grow up so fast..
and thinks they can out-smart and out-wit you?

She's not even 3 yet.

When she was seven months old, I can dress her up like a princess in this way..

Now at 2 years old, she picks her own princess dress and style herself this way...

Every time I see a baby..
I wanna have another one..
I kind of miss the younger moments.

But thinking how fast they grow up..
Of how advance they could out-smart and outwit you,
I try to re-assess my thoughts..
And come up with a decision.

I'll hopefully have just one of her. 
She's enough to keep my brain working overtime.

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