Monday, 4 June 2012

Appreciating The Beauty Of Our Own Culture

When a family goes to a tourist-filled place, first thing that comes to mind would be either the theme-parks, the beach or whatever is the most popular attraction. Definitely understandable!!

We brought Khloe to Disneyland because I, most especially, would like to indulge her of her princess' cravings.  When you have a toddler who talk of nothing but princesses 24/7, you have to try indulging her (hoping she'll shake it out of her system once she met the princesses). So I dressed her up as a princess, let her wear my wedding tiara, and let her celebrate with the princesses at Disney. As the cliche goes - "when in Rome, act like a Roman". Because Khloe was in a Princess Fantasy Faire, I let her act like a Princess.

But a friend, Joyce,  introduced to me a different art of indulging a princess. It is by far the most admirable family vacation photo I've ever seen.

This family photo was taken when they visited one of the tourist place in Philippines -- Baguio. Filipinos & tourist alike would drive up this mountainous place for it's known cooler temperature (the only place in Philippines with a spring/fall temperature). This part of the country is home to some of  Filipino Tribal Natives. Joyce' family opted to get this photo op, showcasing the tribal costumes the natives (Igorot) wear.

I really admire the fact that even the girls are loving their outfits. In their own little ways, they are showing the whole world how beautiful our culture is. It's heart-warming to see the beautiful smiles, the glee, the pride they exude with these clothes. If only a lot of us could capture these same moments. 

And with a lot of respect -- I commend their Mom, or even Dad. I give it to Joyce, hats off! To teach the girls how to appreciate the culture in their own little perspective, is awesome parenthood.

With this, she inspired me again of how to become a parent of creative thoughts. And it is to come up with something humbling -- 

Because this more and all -- a humbling moment.

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