Saturday, 2 June 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog!!

To blog or not to blog!!!

I started blogging way back 2005. It was the year when all hell froze over. It's a very emotional year for me.

When in pain, or in bliss... I write down my sentiments -- either in poem, or in a techy time like this -- in blog.

But life got too busy and I was not able to save my blogs when Friendster closed everything down. So I continued with my busy life (Facebook & Twitter)... and for whatever force this morning-- I got inspired to go back to blogging again.

Hopefully, it won't be an emotional roller coaster blogs I'll write anymore.

I'm looking forward to sharing most of who I am ... of how I evolved to be:
- from that teeny-booper who went to high school in University of San Agustin (Iloilo) in Philippines, all wide-eyed, naive & gullible;
- to that care-free teen who conquered the world of BA Psychology in University of the Philippines (Miag-ao) Visayas;
- to that adamant feeling-all-grown-up collegiate who switched to BS Accountancy in University of the Philippines (Iloilo) Visayas;
- to that feeling-all-knowing, adventure-seeker who experienced Manila in 1998, Canada in 2001, United States of America in 2008; and
- to this humbled, not-knowing-it-all, still-gullible Mom of a toddler, who is back here now in Canada, to settle down at last... and experience life to it's full worth.

I'm hoping to share with my reader, through this blog... all thoughts of my every experience of this "settled-life".. as a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mom, a friend and an acquaintance.

If you're a wise (cheap) shopper, this is your blog.
If you're a Mom who wanna dress your toddler or kids, this is your blog.
If you're fun and wanna know deals and deals, this is your blog.
If you're a friend who just wanna keep tabs of my new embarrassment in life, this is your blog.
If you wanna read a professional blogger -- then get out of my blog!!!

Again... looking forward to sharing fun stuffs with you.

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