Saturday, 2 June 2012

Multi-Grain Crescent for Mother

Multi-Grain Crescent from Pillsbury

Mother is 76 years old and a diabetic. But one thing I admire about her, aside from being the most wonderful mother in the whole world, is her discipline when it comes to her food intake. With this discipline comes her awesome blood work results. Chloesterol=normal. Sugar=normal. Blood pressure=normal. It is very inspiring to watch her take care of her health. At times, it makes me feel guilty knowing she can be this discipline at her age, and I can't at my age. 

I try the best that I can to assist her with this nutrition drive. My best is to buy her fish for her meals. Salmon & tilapia fillets are her most favourite. And of course, her veggies and fruits.

Today, my niece started the morning with this Pillsbury crescent. Mother loved them. So while scouring through the grocery aisle, I remembered this morning's breakfast and picked her more crescent and added a multi-grain crescent. 

Baked it for her snacks this afternoon (English' fternoon tea), and she adores it as well, as Khloe joined her with munching 2 of the crescent herself. 

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