Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Long Drive: Another Way of Family Bonding

I'll define Long Drive as a long driving trip with the use of an automobile as oppose to other travel means.

My ever first long drive as a teenager was a five hour drive to an out-of-town company study for school. It was from Iloilo to Aklan (Philippines). It was a heck of a ride. Very long.

When I got here in Canada, my first long drive trip was on my first summer, when my sister & her family brought me to Wasaga Beach (Barrie, Ontario). It was a three hour drive. The scenery was of course all new to me. The beach was breathtaking.

My next (very) long drive was the trip to Orlando, Florida with the family I was working with. It was a 22 hour drive. We stopped half way in South Carolina to rest for the night. We stayed in Florida for 9 days. It was an amazing experience. Not only because I enjoyed myself at Universal Studio, Islands of Adventure, Wet 'N Wild, and Sea World; but more than that, I find it really adventuresome. All these new places, these States we passed by... and my patience to actually stay that long in a car. Maybe because I was never the driver, that I am able to appreciate the beauty of long drive through this one specific trip.

 After this Florida drive -- I found myself immune to the qualms of long drive. I could go anytime, many times.. often times to and fro North Bay (5-6hour drive). Flying to places becomes very ordinary.

Marrying my hubby was a match made. Not only was he a good driver, but he has the patience and the determination to go and last for a long drive. This complimented well with my love to adventure and my newly acquired taste for long trips.

Our first long drive as a couple was our trip to Los Angeles from the Bay (San Francisco) Area. It is a 6.5 hour drive. My bestfriend was there to help him out and keep us company, but it was a wonderful trip. After that, we did trips to other places, either with friends or family. And hubby was always there to tour everyone.  

Family bonding to Santa Rosa (2 hours), Capitola (an hour away), Boardwalk - Sta. Cruz (an hour away); or even to South Lake Tahoe (3hours) became beautiful family memories. We even did a family trip to San Diego (8 hours), and visited Disneyland & Legoland on our trip back to the Bay.

 The longest drive was the trip to Las Vegas (10hour drive). I was not with them (flew with Mother as she can't do long drives because of her medications). But one thing I am sure of, I commend my hubby for all of these. I am so lucky that I found such a perfect mate who enjoys the stuffs I enjoy. Even when we had Khloe, that did not hinder us from going. Right from the start, we trained her to be a well-traveled baby. We never had problems with her when it comes to long trips, long flights and above all, long drives. She was there when they drove all the way back from Las Vegas. Yes, it was a 10 hour drive and she behaved like how Khloe is suppose to behave -- well traveled.

I guess, what I am trying to say is.... long drive is a wonderful family adventure.

With a dependable car, adventuresome company.... and the mood to go --- long drive could give you beautiful memories.

I am proud of our little family because we are able to travel to places without the concern for luxury. We can camp, we can bunk to my sister's place, or stay in an inn or hotel. Meager or luxurious accommodation is never an issue. One thing I know.... the three of us can live with anything. And trips like this are momentous and memorable.

Hopefully, sometime this summer, we can go for another one. If not... I know we would be able to once we got all settled and together in one home.

Then, we can start planning for a new adventure.

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