Saturday, 2 June 2012

Father's Day @ Bissell Hideaway

Father's Day is coming soon. 

Gives me more reason to get excited. Hubby will be visiting us, arriving in 11 days and staying for 3 weeks. With the move and everything, I am somewhat hoping he would be able to bond with Khloe properly, especially as we will be settling down to our own place.  

The week-end he arrives, we will heed off to Bissell Hideaway that same Saturday. Booked us a cabin, got it cheap from 

We don't usually celebrate Father's Day this way but I think he deserves this great treat. Besides after this getaway, he is up to some moving of stuffs. Better set his mood first before he face up the physical challenge of moving.

Each of us celebrate this day and Mother's day in different ways. 

Share yours. 

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