Saturday, 2 June 2012

My 2-Cents : Bourne Legacy & the Filipino Hoopla

This is not a review.
This is my personal take on this craziness that happens when something like this happens. (With this means something about Philippines & some Filipinos going VIRALLY crazy)

I was really excited to see the trailer of Bourne Legacy in Youtube. Not only because I am a fan of the Bourne Trilogy, but so much more because I read some of the Bourne series by Eric Van Lustbader - Legacy,  Dominion, Betrayal, and others. I am really looking forward to see it in big screen. The fact that some scenes for this Bourne Legacy was shoot in the Philippines, is just an icing to the cake.

Then, I read the comments as I watch the video on Youtube. And again... I felt that sinking feeling of embarrassment? Disbelief?

I am not saying that I am not proud to be a Filipino, because believe me, I am first and foremost a true-blooded Filipino. Changing citizenship doesn't make me less of what I am. However, at times like this.. I wish we could minimize that chance of embarrassing ourselves.

Debating online over the issue is pointless. Not only we embarrass ourselves more by posting grammatically  incorrect comments, but impertinent line of thoughts. The craziness is pathetic. It gives other people a reason to respect us less and not take us seriously. And it's not really fair to those successful Filipino who tried their darn best to make us proud. It kind of refuted their purpose.

When Bourne Supremacy shoot in India, there was no such craziness as this. And to think it was Matt Damon.

I wish I could say I am so proud to watch this movie as a Filipino just as proud as I am when I watched the Great Raid with Benjamin Bratt in it. And guess who else? Cesar Montano. I was so damn proud, I rented the freakin DVD 3X from the defunct Blockbuster. And not only because I am one proud Filipino, but also because I wanna see those scenes shoot in Philippines, again, and again, and again. And to think the whole Great Raid movie was shoot in the Philippines. Did we went crazy about it? Naah! Maybe because back then, social networking is not everyone's thing yet. But how I wish we were that less embarrassing.

I guess, my bottom line is, we should watch what we post. I believe all Filipino are proud to be a Filipino. Let's not just push that down other's(race) throat. It kind of make them choke and spit on us. It's really not a     moment to be proud of when they start bitching about us because of our lack of restraint and finesse.

Between you and me and these viral world -- the only thing that matters is REALITY.

And as a Filipino, our reality is what is happening in Philippines right now. Not the one in Hollywood. Not even the one that happened in American Idol. It is what happened to the Corona Trial. It is what is happening in Spratly Island. Above all, reality is what is happening in the farm. If you don't know what it is, then you have no clue what is the real essence of the phrase "Proud to be Pinoy!"

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